Halo Wars interview by CVG about the PC version, multiplayer and more

It's funny to look back and remember that Bungie's original concept for Halo was as a PC RTS, which is probably why the universe fits so snugly with Ensemble's vision for Halo Wars.

Of all the genres jumping ship to console land, RTS was always one that would never be the same without the comfort of a mouse and keyboard. That's exactly why the Age of Empire boys are ignoring the genre conventions of the past, and building Halo Wars from the ground up for Xbox 360.

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snoop_dizzle5421d ago

originally planned to be a RTS this game will probably good.

Its not like they had to wing it and somehow make an rts out of it.

CompGeek5419d ago

I love RTS's, I cant wait for this game. It sounds amazing.