IGN: NCAA Football 08 Review

Last year, NCAA Football made its debut onto the 360, and for players looking for the evolution of the college experience on a more powerful console, they were sadly disappointed. The title was missing a ton of features found on the Xbox versions of the game, and while it looked nice, there were still a lot of issues that hampered the overall presentation of the game. If anything, this was the proverbial, "wait till next year" situation that every sports fan hates to hear. At least there was a lot of work put in by all squads in the off season, because NCAA Football 08 is a much better showing this time around, with much deeper gameplay across the board.

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omansteveo4105d ago

I kinda hate it when reviewers dont really review a so-to-speak but they tell you all the stuff they wish they had. I dont think it fair to be like "i gave it a lower score bc i wish it had this or that" when they should really be reviewing what they got.