An Open Letter to Rare

Your recent change to a new logo has caused a stir among the gamer community for changing what was a beacon of awesome in the days of the SNES and N64. I have similar feelings regarding this change but I will always have that treasured gold insignia to delight my memories for years to come.

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The Tingler3063d ago

I know, it's really sad - and a really crappy new logo. If they're delivering stationery now, it might be okay, but otherwise - urgh.

mikeslemonade3062d ago

Since they're owned by Microsoft, I wouldn't be surprised that Microsoft was the one who forced Rare to change the logo.

HolyOrangeCows3062d ago

The fact that they managed to screw up an awesome franchise like Banjo Kazooie is a far worse feat than changing their logo.

Let the company of dying talent make avatars and unintuitive interfaces until they die.

R2D23062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Dude that got old two years ago.

El Botto3062d ago

From the article: "Your recent change to a new logo has caused a stir among the gamer community for changing what was a beacon of awesome in the days of the SNES and N64. I have similar feelings regarding this change but I will always have that treasured gold insignia to delight my memories for years to come."

This has got to be the pinnacle of nerdiness and patheticness.

Baka-akaB3062d ago

i'd love if the articles stating stuff like "commotions" and "stir" would at least quote their source .

So far we have only seen negative comments about the change , but with hardly any huge amount of people caring in the first place

fastrez3062d ago

OK, i'm sorry, hold on a second. Because the logo has changed doesn't mean the quality of the games will dip. My question then it, why does it really matter?

Paradise3062d ago

Rare has been slipping for a while

Rainstorm813062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

What was the last high quality Rare title really???

Did it come out this gen? If you favor the new Perfect Dark games or Kameo or Banjo then you are probably in heaven with Rare. As for me i wasnt impressed by PDZ or Kameo or Banjo, so the last game i liked from Rare may have been the conkers bad fur day remake on the original Xbox.

Donkey kong country, Goldeneye, & the original Perfect Dark when it was first released will always be my RARE gems.

R2D23062d ago

I am guesiing your around 28 years old. The thing with Rare is that the people who supported them were people that played the SNES,N64 and now they have switch to a much younger crowld. My little brother is 12 and he loves Rare games.

I too feel a little hurt that Rare left us for a much younger crowld but its called keeping up to the times and to survive the economic down turn that we are having - Rare had no choice but to switch.

SOAD3062d ago

As far as I'm concerned the quality of RARE ended a long time ago. Either that or everyone else leap-frogged past RARE in terms of quality and RARE is stuck in the N64 era. Both are feasible.

I'm certain RARE has been working on Natal games for the past few years since they've been utterly silent. Maybe Microsoft's plan is to resurrect RARE by giving them Natal and a shitload of time and money.

Baka-akaB3062d ago

more like most of the susbstance that was once called rare , left the companies to other endavour , and they werent replaced by people as talented , after the n64

tinybigman3062d ago

Rare is nowhere near their former selves since the N64 days and none of their games this gen have lived up to the glory days.

None of the games they've done is worthy of a purchase.

siyrobbo3062d ago

they have made some quality games, but i agree, i remember when rare was to nintendo what naughty dog are now to sony

Baka-akaB3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

I dont see why they wouldnt have sold Rare back then ... they knew the key members behind their n64 successes were gone or soon to be leaving .

Back then , people critized nintendo for it , and yet again had no clue .
Nintendo did a very good transaction , basically selling a franchise company without it's soul .

SaiyanFury3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

I believe the chief reason Nintendo ultimately sold RARE to Microsoft was because Nintendo didn't approve of the mature nature of Conker's Bad Fur Day. A brilliant title to be sure, Nintendo has always wanted to maintain the "kiddie" appeal of their consoles, and demand that from their developers. RARE on the XBox and 360 have gone from great to decent in recent years. They thrived in Nintendo consoles for about 2 decades where their principle audience found itself. They first developed the critically lauded Battletoads game on the NES and it all snowballed. RARE became a staple developer exclusive to Nintendo in 1994 and thrived very well. When Nintendo sold them to MS for about 375 million dollars, it was a sad day for the industry. I loved their games on the NES and SNES, as well as on the N64 after it had been discontinued (I bought mine used). I hope someday they can reclaim their grandeur, but I don't think it'll ever happen on a Microsoft platform. If I'm wrong, I'll happily admit it, but I doubt it'll ever happen. :(

SilverSlug3062d ago

I think that Nintendo sold them was because in 1998 lots of key members left, so in 2000, selling them for a ton of cash seemed like a good thing to do.

Micorsoft, like always, went overboard and paid Nintendo 375 Million dollars. Not to mention, Microsoft, before buying Nintendo's shares, bought the Stamper Brothers shares. So it was sort of an odd position for Nintendo. Plus the money was good. They could have used it for other teams like Retro Studios.

SilverSlug3062d ago

when they moved to MS, making it more simple.


or Am I wrong?

Also, Rare is not that great due to all the people that left it. I hope they can come out and prove me wrong. More good games for everyone

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