We really need people to help us finish LittleBigPlanet 2!

Media Molecule send out quite possibly the greatest job advertisement ever.
"Now we’re all settled in our new digs, we need to finish making a video game. In order to do so though, we are missing two vital Molecules, a Network Programmer and a Production Server Developer.
We really, really, really need you. Let’s not beat about the bush here: we’re pretty desperate.

* You’ll be an integral part of a small team with a family vibe.

* Our new studio is really awesome and there’s a desk here with your name on it. Oh you don’t like that one? That’s fine we can move it somewhere else, it’s all good!

* We have a tip top benefits package that is bound to make your life better in oh so many ways

* We already love you to bits, and all want to be your friend

* The freezer is full of ice creams, your favourite ones"

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omimasum4865d ago

hit agree now lpb 2 futunari ftw

young juice4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

thats pretty sick man

Redrum0594865d ago

Lol same here, I agreed to quickly. That is freakin weird.

krouse934865d ago

WIkipedia link to Futanari. I shouldn't have agreed so quickly. Dude thats really F'in weird.


cyborg69714865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

Dickgirl ha. But seriously seek help dude.

N4BmpS4865d ago

Yeah that's pretty disturbing, even more so is that many (including myself) did not know what a Futanari is.

mantisimo4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

Omimasum is Japanese and got the translation wrong, while it reads DICKGIRL it should of course say SACKBOY, a very easy mistake to make as sack and dick are kind of related, well mine are anyway!

Ha solved (of course its nonsence he really did mean Dickgirl and thats just weird)

OR media molecule have a new heroine known as ladyboysackdickgirl but thats a bit of a mouthful. Hey ho ;)

HSx94865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

How do I reverse My Agree?

turok4865d ago

This made my day lol. bubbles and agree for that funny stuff regardless on how disturbing that is. Big question though, CAN LBP2 pull off futanari? lol I hope not. Too funny (and wrong) if it can.

Davoh4864d ago

Everything omimasum said... apart from the futanari bit, but funny seeing all the agrees for it, n4g gets more perverted everyday

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boysenberry4865d ago

LOL Media Molecule FTW. They are so funny!! I can't wait until EpicBigPlanet 2. :)

Tripl3seis4865d ago

This game is gona be awesome can't wait tho lbp2 ftw!!!!

WiiFanboy104865d ago ShowReplies(1)
interrergator4865d ago

im just about to go to academy of arts university to become a designer so lol srry

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Older PlayStation games that we'd love to see on the PlayStation 5

From Xfire: "For a company with a three-decade-long history in gaming, Sony has done a crappy job at preserving its legacy. "

Flawlessmic516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

All the mgs games, all the ape escapes, silent hill 1-4, croc 1 and 2, legend of dragoon, tekken 3,tenshu, bushido blade, vagrant story, okami, ico, crash bash, gt4.

Thats just off the top of my head that i would play immediately, still so many more though that id love.