Game Head- Sony's Jack Tretton "I told you so, Peter Moore"

GT interviews Jack Tretton On announcement on E3, delivering on Killzone, and Sony's upcoming line-up for the PS3, and more.

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SofaKingReetodded5424d ago

all us PS3 fans who have been raked through the coals deserve to say "I told you so" to all the xbots out there. Anyone seen "TheMart"?? I think he left the planet after E3...lmao

candystop5424d ago

When will you Sony fans realize that there was nothing spectacular about killzone 2! LBp and Uncharted are great looking games but there's no reason to think that PS3 is all of the sudden this impressive machine with tons of next gen games! It seems as if Sony and it's fans are trying to call victory when in reality everybody was a winner at this years E3!

ShiftyLookingCow5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

Phantom is coming back with a vengeance, its called "Phantom Vaporware" and with a killer exclusive: Duke Nukem Neverever. Its all doom doom for all you bots.

dragunrising5423d ago

I've noticed a trend...PS3 fanboys that post stupid or intelligent comments tend to receive a greater number of "agrees" than "disagrees." On the other hand, Xbox 360 fanboys receive the opposite and their feedback is higher...Hmmm, I wonder if Xbox fanboys have given up arguing with Sony fanbots? It's hard to argue with someone that doesn't listen after all:-P

TheMART5424d ago

Too bad dude.

I've been around, but too bad not as much. I've been posting afterwards what I thought about E3, MS, Sony and Nintendo.

If you had watched closely you would have read it.

MS didn't have any surprises, but their show was about the strongest line up for any console in one year EVER. And that's the truth. They only talked about games right here, right now.

But still I was underwhelmed. I had expected MGS4 tattoo on Moore's arm. I'm pretty sure it'll still be there, well not the tattoo on more, but MGS4 will. As will FFXIII. Both on 360 in 2008. Mark my words.

Sony's press conference was still underwhelming, although you fanboys are pleased easily. Yeah it was better then last year, but it couldn't be any worse then that...

RRRRIIDGGGEEEE RRRRRAACCEERRRRRR and that Giant Enemy Crab. Or was it crap.

Anyhow. This year. What did Sony showed us? Dark stuff of KZ2, with less colours then Gears of War. I thought you PS3 fandroids said Gears was washed out? So whats this? Games in Black & White?

Really. COD4 footage was more impressive then that. It was allright, but that's about it. Gears looks better, feels better. Plus, Christmas 2008, Gears of War II will be out on 360 exclusive. Killing KZ2

The rest of Sony show? Old trailers, missing out on GTAIV, no onstage 3rd party support (MS had COD4 demo, and MP demo exclusive on XBL MP, Assassins Creed etc.).

Sony even doesn't have any real 3rd party exclusives at all. MS has.

If you look closely, the Sony press show wasn't all that. I know you fanboys want to see it as a big victory, but really it isn't.

And still: we've have to see the real games on the PS3 still. I want them in the shops. I want to be able to play them.

I'll be at the Leipzig Games Convention. I'll be playing 360 demo's and PS3 demo's. They have a change to prove themselves there.

Thus no. Mart is still here. I still feel Sony won't live up to their promisses. And we'll know the next months. @ homo still is [email protected] with a guy doing a girly dance

aaquib25424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

Haze, UT3, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Warhawk, Socom, Singstar, Gran Turismo 5 vs. Halo, mass effect, bioshock, and PGR4. LOL. Microsoft's exclusive lineup is crap compared to Sony's and Killzone 2 PWNED.

Yeah and for your information, MGS4 is NOT going to 360. Where's Peter Moore? His ass is at EA developing games for PS3 ROFL. Konami has a partnership with Sony for MGS4 exclusitivity according to Jack Tretton.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it' Stupid Xbot.


do your reseach N00B. GT5 prolouge and Socom are THIS YEAR. Rock band timed exclusive? Your on crack man. You guys will have to wait a year to get a crappy port of HAZE, and your UT3 won't have PC mods LOL, cause your $50/year XBL IS A CLOSED SERVICE! While my FREE PSN is an OPEN SERVICE. All the other games are crap. Blue dragon? LOL! Viva Pinata Party Animals? LMAO! Splinter cell? Ok that one is good.

And FYI you can't afford both consoles...If you did you wouldn't spend all your time on N4G bashing one of them..

PS360PCROCKS5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

aa you dipsh!t GT is 2008 and Socom I'm pretty sure, UT and Haze are timed, you didn't even mention the two biggest games Lair and HS and than you shafted the Microsoft lineup by forgetting games like Splinter Cell, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. Plus Rock Band is a timed exclusive to the 360. Plus GTA IV, Guitar Hero, Assassin's Creed and COD4 are on both systems. Oh and in case you weren't paying attention GTA IV, Guitar Hero, and AC were all stolen away from Playstation. Figured I would point that out...but i'll be playing both systems so see unlike you I could care less about line-ups, just idiots who don't know what their talking about.

edit:: @ AA your still a dipsh!t. I was making a simple point that you DON'T know what your talking about... and the only person that quote "
And FYI you can't afford both consoles...If you did you wouldn't spend all your time on N4G bashing one of them.." applies to is my comments you idiot, I like my Xbox more, yes, but I don't bash the PS3 ever, I have it right next to my xbox and I comment on all the games constantly.

Bathyj5424d ago

KZ2 endured 2 years of crap from people like you and when it finally shows up, it not only delivers but exceeds peoples expectations and you still cant give it the credit it deserves. Theres no point trying to convince you since you've made up your mind long ago so stop acting like you're waiting to be impressed.

And Peter Moores probably got a Madden Tattoo by now so why dont you get a MGS one if you want it so bad, or better yet get a PS3. No you cant do that, because it had some game with a giant crab right?

Siesser5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

Whoa, since when is Rock Band a timed exclusive?

And I wouldn't call Guitar Hero "stolen." The first game was a huge risk, attempting to break through a genre that isn't a huge seller, and requiring a peripheral, which is usually the death note for a game. PS2, with it's low cost of entry and huge market, was the the sensible choice to start things off with. Once the game got popular, they expanded platform (i.e., after the first game). I wouldn't call that exclusivity being lost by any means. That's the whole reason PS2 had a lot of its quirkier games; it was the safest platform to introduce a new IP upon.

I personally liked Sony's conference, but heck, it was the only one I watched. I don't own a Wii or 360, and it's not like I sit around keeping tabs on what they do. I'm excited about what I'll be bringing home this fall: Lair, Uncharted, HS, Assassin's, Ratchet, GH3, and Rock Band. I'm excited about downloadable titles like Warhawk, LBP, Everyday Shooter, and Echochrome. I'm really happy about the partnering up with Quantic Dreams. I'm excited to hear more about the media download content coming soon. And I was impressed with how close they got with that KZ trailer; they had to use pure conjecture 2 years ago as to where they'd be now with the game nearing completion; that can't be easy, especially not with a new system and engine. And they still have many games left to show this year (I want to see 8 Days!)

I ended my viewing of the conference feeling re-assured about the quality of my purchase; which made it an excellent show, in my eyes.

(finally get to see 300 in 11 days! :D Hooray for hi-def movies!)

felidae5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

@ The MART .. yeah dude, and that's why everbodys watching Sony these days.

i don't think the 360 is bad but i've lost interest. besides halo 3 and some other shooters there's really not much to play and i can play some shooters on the ps3 if i want to.

it's the diversity of games that i like about Sonys Playstation.

as i said a few weeks ago, i always bashed the playstation and it's games but now i have to say: "my eyes are open". that doesn't mean that i don't wanna play halo 3 and alan wake cause these titles look promising but for me the ps3 is the better choice with it's exclusives this year.

it would be nice if people start talking about games and the experiences they had with these .... cause when Killzone 2 gets a 10/10 from every single gamesite in 2008, why would people not wanna play this game? just because they hate Sony so much?

@TheMART ... Gears of War is a really good game - bit too short on the single player side - but really good. but even this game got a 8/10 from some sites like eurogamer. not everybody has the same opionion and interest like you and i think this is good.

let's talk about games and fun!

PS360PCROCKS5424d ago

Bubble for a good comment. No I messed up I remembered seeing "Rock Band a timed exclusive" story last week sometime and I never read it so I guess I let myself think it was a 360 exclusive, lol. My only point by adding in Guitar Hero was because GH is a huge party game that the original xbox never had so it's good for Microsoft that they got it for the 360, as it's a cult thing now. I didn't watch any of the shows, I just read the news when I got the chance because I was so busy...but I am happy about what I'll be bringing home also: Bioshock, Lair, Halo 3, GTA IV, COD 4, Mass Effect, UT3, Haze, HS, Uncharted, PGR4, Splinter well maybe not all of them cause i'll have no time but those are the ones I want...

BigFART5424d ago

You never seem to let me down. Everytime I see you're stupid name in these threads, I know I'm in for something completely moronic and unintelligible. You can go ahead and wait, and wait, but you will never, ever see MGS4 or FF13, so just give it up and go play your zune you b!tch.

Bathyj5424d ago

I dont get it.

My above post got 14 agrees and 1 disagree and yet I wake up this morning and I've lost another bubble.

It just goes to show 14 people can read your post and think, "fair enough, I'd go along with that," but it only take someone spiteful to come along (probably Mart himself) and say "really, is that your opinion? Well you can lose a bubble for it."

To these people, freedom of speach, apparently only applies when they have something to say.

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bootsaf15424d ago

I've said it once and I'll say it again. The PS3 has nothing to brag about. The Xbox has nothing to prove. Xbox sales are way more than the ps3 sales, the online service for the ps3 well sucks to be quite frank, (so bad they are bringing home into the picture to redeem themselves), the amount of games suck for the ps3, ( and please dont tell me the list of games they have comeing out) let me state something. the games they have out for the ps3 suck soooooooooo bad that the any list of decent games for the system is going to look good at this point. Now, the ps3 is'nt all bad it does come with a blue ray player which is nice but what if it flops? and before you say that it wont, dont only look at the U.S. side of the house. HD DVD is actually in the lead in just about every other country except Japan. So 2 countries while the HD DVD is in the lead in All of Europe, and the country's south of that region. Now another thing the ps3 has on the xbox is that well ummmmmmmmmmmmm. Well, It has MGS4 comeing to it. Oh wait UT3, oh thats it. It has a decent game or two comeing to it. Something Xbox 360 has already and are still comeing out with them. So please any ps3 fanboy that wants to compare, please, please, please show me something that hasn't been brought up yet, and lets talk, meenwhile have fun with the few good things that this company is actually doing. oh and by the way the amount of processing powere does'nt meen crap when it doesn't utilize it. oh and by the way games are only useing about 6-7 or less gigs of space to use. so blue ray is useless. They just did it for the fact their harder to copy and get throught the security in each blue ray. Thats the real reason they went with it. Not for the gamer but form them selves. Thanks!!!!

Corrupt5424d ago

I don't see why someone who owns a console cannot give props to another console and its games. And if you want a reply to your rant, do note Leshin's post.

ash_divine5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

First off, how can you call someone a fanboy with a comment like that ( yeah that's smart). Second, I read on this very site an article about ps3 outselling xbox 360 for a while now, it had just slipped under the radar. The funniest part is that very story didn't get approved ( looks like "some" people didn't want other people to read it).

'til' next time.

Edit: @3.1 I guess we were thinking the same thing

felidae5424d ago

.. please show me a good list of 360 games in the first year.

neogeo5424d ago

And I have only one?
this is a very fair site.
how about this. I make 50 screen names under 50 e-mail accounts and log in with each one to add bubbles to my own account?


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_insane_cobra5424d ago

But, uh, they didn't match the E3 05 trailer, pretty much every preview agrees with that. It still looks fantastic, of course, but this isn't it.

nasim5424d ago

KZ2 kills garbage box 360 with cartoon halo 3.

KZ 2 is the best FPS on earth

original seed5424d ago

I think you have to be one of the BIGGEST fanboys on earth.

KZ2 and Halo have different art directions. If you want to compare games then compare it to Gears which have the same art direction.

Also, How is KZ2 the best FPS ever? The first one was average.
Now people can argue that the HALO series is the best FPS because the have proven themselves. Then again there are other such as Half-life2.

You need to take your head out of Sonys @ss

risk5424d ago

original seed, the first halo...meh to me it was ok...but that is my the second halo only thing "good" people say it did was multiplayer i heard the story sucked(left you in a cliffhanger?) but to me the best fps would be half-life2, and counter-strike 1.5(not 1.6 or source)

SilvaSurfa5424d ago

But not far from the truth. Good Job Sony. Now if they can only nail that "landing on the sun thing". hehe