Pachter: Twisted Metal quip "a guess"

Analyst Michael Pachter has told Eurogamer that what he said about a Twisted Metal PS3 game was "a guess".

"I know nothing about what David [Jaffe] is working on, other than that it is a 'really great game', according to him, but I suppose that goes without question," he said.

"My Twisted Metal comment is purely conjecture, it's the game I hope he's working on, but I do not have confirmation from him about it, and have not been briefed by anyone under NDA.

"It wasn't a slip," he added, "it was an intentional comment, and it is just my best guess as to what he's working on. For the sake of the gaming community, I hope I'm right."

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belal3150d ago

"It wasn't a slip," he added, "it was an intentional comment, and it is just my best guess as to what he's working on. For the sake of the gaming community, I hope I'm right.

First time evvvvvver i agree with this guy. i HOPE that this game is a new twisted metal game. the wait for reveal is killing me!!!

TOO PAWNED3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

Of course it is a guess, i said it day 1. He has no clue on what Jaffe is working, do you really think jaffe would let this clown know? Seriously!?
It was a guess, one we all would make. Maybe Jaffe is indeed working on TM, but he is not privy to any info, nerds are reading too much into it.

deadreckoning6663150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

Thats what Pachter does...make predictions.

Anarki3150d ago

The guy thought he was clever by telling everyone Jaffes game. How things turn around huh...

Luckily, no one ever takes what this guy has to say seriously.

NewNameNow3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

I'm pretty sure there is a new Twisted Metal in the works, Patchers slip-up most likely pissed Jaffe off since he's been trying to keep whatever he's working on a secret till the time is right. So even if it really was in the works Jaffe wouldn't confirm it just cause Patcher ruined the surprise.

Whatever it is, I'm sure Jaffe knows what he's doing.

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Dramscus3150d ago

Anything jaffe makes will be epic and violent. I don't care what it is

TOO PAWNED3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

Agree, i would prefer new IP. maybe his game is something like "Ghost Rider". In one of his leaks/comments, it was said that in his new game you can get out, drag your opponents with car, he confirmed there are vehicles in his new game. Maybe you have a vehicle, car and can do stuff like that, drag you opponents, shoot at them and all, but its not just car combat, you can also get out of the car and do things. He loves comic books, i could see something like that. Mix of TM/God of war/Ghost Rider/Infamous/comic books. just my wild imagination running lose

Dramscus3150d ago

Maybe even an open world mix of those games.
Wow I'm drooling with speculation.


guys remember TMB2 was supposed to be open world, its going to be twisted metal open world. I think youll start out in the asylum break out get in your car, find calypso, join TM and so forth. And you know abunch of other crazy awesomeness, but still have the good old TM feel.

eagle213150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

Pachter aka Psychic

bring on Jaffe's game!!! :)

solidjun53150d ago

I'm waiting for him to say "Call me Now...Gametrailers."

theunleashed643150d ago

what ever it is day one buy it's bound to have blood & violence two of the things
i loved about twisted metal: black & the god of war series.

Alcon3150d ago

A guess?? lol Nothing new here, doesn't he do that for a living?

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