Xbox Live stat attack... 7 Million Live users

t E3 last week we got to sit down and chat with enthusiastic Xbox Live boss JJ Richards, and he was more than eager to throw his massive Xbox Live stats in our direction.

Usually these kinds of numbers are more sleep-inducing than a Horlicks and Rohypnol cocktail, but the massive numbers Microsoft has a achieved are bloody impressive.

As Richards points out, the 7 million-strong Xbox Live community is now the "biggest social network around a television".

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FeralPhoenix5425d ago

XBL continues to grow, its a great service and I think next gen gaming is better because of it.

ben hates you5424d ago

i like xbox live, where i live i can't get a cable or dsl internet connection, i have satilite not fast enough to play games but i have it just for the downloads

Salvadore5424d ago

7 million users are alot considering the that MS has sold around 11 million consoles.

RussianSniper5424d ago

I believe that's because most of their sales are from America, and since we have money, we can afford the $50.

Still too many 10 year old kids on it....How the hell do they afford xbox live anyway?!!!!

xfrgtr5424d ago

xbox live include xbox one and xbox 360

gnothe15424d ago

its good that XBL is doing this great!! atleast this isnt one of them posts that say how much better the PSN is gonna be. an since I brought up the PSN, over the last 2 weeks since E3 XBL has released ALMOST 10 game DEMOS an ATLEAST 5 arcade games. all I have got on the PSN is a bunch of VIDEOS an 1 classic game. but I guess you get what you pay for!!

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The story is too old to be commented.