Mass Effect Gameplay Movies: Krogan Dialogue and Vehicular/Ground Combat

Two exclusive GameSpot gameplay movies:

1. An encounter with a Krogan Battle Master and bounty hunter. The interactive conversation utilizes a fluid cinematic execution, depth of field, dynamic cuts and interruptions, and realistic body language and facial expressions. The background activities that continue throughout the sequence are easy to miss, but they add to the immersiveness of the game world.

2. Vehicular and squad-based combat. (Note: The demo skips the animation of characters exiting the vehicle.)

You need to allow scripts to watch the videos.

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FeralPhoenix4106d ago

This game is very interesting to say the just has that "feel" to it, I think its going to be one of those special games you get to play every few years.


Yes, an Incredible lineup of games in the next 4 1/2 months, but when Mass Effect comes out, all my other games will be collecting dust.

A November 2 Remember. What a great time 2B a Gamer !

EDIT: Also, if you are a Mass Effect fan, go download the HD trailer off Gamespot if you really want 2B impressed:

Mass Effect Gameplay Movie 1 will blow your sox off in HD !

M1am1U4105d ago

this is going to be a truly unique game. It's looking better and better. I can't for it to come out, but it seems like it will be well worth the long wait. I have to say though, whoever was playing in the video was a pretty bad shot.

BIadestarX4105d ago

Behind you! To the left! (Shook monitor).... damn... seriously... why do people that suck bad a video games have to be the ones demo(ing) new games?... they ruin the whole experience.

Daxx4105d ago

I want this game so badly. I wish it was November right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.