GTAIV - New Information and Scans(First PS3 Screens)

Hungry for some GTAIV update ? Well you'd be glad to know that gamerscreed have gotten their hands on some scans from a German magazine. Of course we they dont speak German, so someone who does was kind enough to gives out us a quick summary.


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tehcellownu5424d ago

it does seem the ps3 version looks better..i wonder what sony plannin to do with this game...they probaly goin to be announcin it soon have the upper advantage in big games like this...cuz of blue ray and how powerful the ps3 is..

airjordan95424d ago

is better!! it seems more realistic compared to the other version!!!

Crazyglues5424d ago

It seems to be just the color is little more soft or something giving it a little more real feel.

Call me crazy but I'm sure the game will be exactly the same, it's kinda like when you look at what happened with the xbox and PS2 version. same game just looked and felt a little more real on PS2

Same thing might happen here, but overall I think the game will be the same, it's just how the systems do lighting and texture different. Same thing happens with Kane & Lynch if you do a side by side.

You can see it. It's probably just because Microsoft has ATI graphics card and the PS3 has Nvidia in it. They handle texture different. But both are good.

I can't wait for the real side by side - this should be interesting. But i'm sure it will be good on either system this is GTAIV were talking about.

TriggerHappy5424d ago

You such a fanboy, they will make the game equal on both systems. They will use two dvds if they must. This is Rockstar we are talking about here!

TruthHurts5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

i`m pretty sure you can`t use 2 disc w/ sandbox games. unless different places are on different disc.

because your constantly streaming the "open world" sandbox off the disc.
i might be wrong, but like i said i`m pretty sure.

Adamalicious5424d ago

I agree - GTA would be the absolute worst game to try and put on 2 discs - you cross a bridge: please insert disc 2 - not cool. If they did that you know how hard the Sony fans, maybe Sony themselves, would mock GTA on the 360?

PS-Wii-605424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

Streaming will have to take place from the hard drive. Isn't that why R* was complaining about developing the game for 360? Because there's people out there without the HD (don't know why but, there is).

Maybe 360 users could install SOME game modules onto the HD?
I say some, 'cause if the game were to use the full 25Gbs from Blu-ray, Premium 360 users still wouldn't have enough storage, even on a completely empty HD.

Which, incidentally, shows why M$ has NOW released the Elite. A larger HD has become essential for future gaming.

Think about it!
Any games developed FOR PS3 (using the full 25Gbs) would be impossible to port over to 360 (barring multiple discs AND 80Gb users).
Suddenly ALL PS3 games will inadvertently become exclusives!!
You know M$ doesn't want that and it makes a strong point that they are ALSO playing a little bit of the "catching up" game in this console war.
It also validates Sony's claim of PS3 being future proof.

You have to think the next big evolution for XBox will be developing games for the HD-DVD format but, of course that's exactly what Sony detractors point out as Sony's biggest flaw: Blu-ray.
Also, M$ has released statements saying they will never develop games for HD-DVD. I guess we'll just have to wait and see but, personally, I think it's inevitable.

Anyhow, I don't know how R* is gonna pull this off just yet but, they will.

Kleptic5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

MS forced them to develop the game assuming the 360 in use would not have a HDD...some future games are rumored not to do that, and have a label along the lines of "HDD required" or something...but with the money MS paid to get GTAIV and the exlusive content, they wanted every 360 owner to be able to play it no matter least according to Rockstar...

that is what Rockstar was saying was a create that world without any caching from a single DVD will be a technical marvel...but apperantly they have pulled it off...

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What does it mean by "Heft-DVD"?
Could it be that the ps3 version takes advantage of blu-ray, because the 360 doesnt use Hi-def format for games?

Ghoul5424d ago


is the magazins dvd (videos demos etc.) nothing more

omfg_1115424d ago

this is a quick summerize what u can see in the dvd that is in the magazine! nothing special! ;)

some never seen scenes etc. ... its more hype if u ask me. i dont like this mag!

TnS5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

(Note: Some screens in the mag are labelled with "PS3". I don't know if this is true, but if yes, these should be the first screens of the PS3 version)

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