What Will It Take For You To Buy A PlayStation 3

It's easy to write a PlayStation 3 hate article, everyone on the Net has posted at least ten in the last six to eight months. But, what would it take for you to buy a PlayStation 3, for real?

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sonarus5121d ago (Edited 5121d ago )

A lot of you also seem to downplay or overlook a major flaw in the xbox. A little over 10 million units sold and at least 2.5 came back defective. I mean common. Forget 3 yr warranty, how can you justify rushing a console out to take the lead and in return you get crap hardware that is unreliable. I play games and i play games a lot taking out 2 weeks out of my gaming time in order to get it fixed because it was born defective is inexcusable rubbish. However its funny to see that Msoft dosent get crucified they just offer a 3yr warranty and its ok. How can Msoft openly admit they have a defective console and you still buy it. While i already have my XBOX 360 i honestly cannot recommend one to a friend saying its fun now and don't worry if/when it breaks you can get it fixed for free. Why should i have to worry about if it breaks in the first place.

Don't get me wrong i have nothing against Microsoft aside from their defective xbox they have done a stellar job their live service is excellent(wish it was free) and they have some excellent games. Both systems are excellent and have their good and their bad. Fanboys need to open their eyes and recognize this.

P.S. Agree or disagree at least you can't take my bubbles

Captain Tuttle5121d ago

A 360 owner waiting for his console to come back waits just as long as a PS3 owner for games. Either way the console sits.

This is not an excuse for MS crappy's just that the alternative (PS3) isn't as compelling right now...there just aren't as many games. That's about to change though...Sony's got some great games in the pipeline. MS is going to have to drop the price to compete...the free ride is over.

Omegasyde5120d ago (Edited 5120d ago )

..for their hardware. Perhaps if the 360 waited atleast 6 months and after many product testing cycles things would be different?

Perhaps it was Peter Moores idea, since he rushed the Dreamcast out before the ps2 and gamecube? Maybe, thats the real reason he left before the fingers can be pointed at him? He seems to have small history of jumping from one burning ship to another.

Heck If Madden 09 bombs will he jump to Take Two (2k sports)?

I am a 360 owner and an American. For every problem there has to be someone to blame.

Do I blame Microsofts history (software and hardware) of producing products with tons of glitches and from cheap chinese manufactures? Or do I blame a single man who rushed a untested console out "again" before the competition can get thier products out?


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no_more_heroes5121d ago

A $300 price tag and games that are far more advanced, in all aspects, than the ones now.

MannyHarlem1415121d ago

300 for an integrated blu-ray player, included wi-fi and 7 core cell brodband engine.. you're out of ur mind. 400 would be more plausible..

Crazy Larry5121d ago

Or when Hell freezes over. Honestly, I wouldn't even mind a $1000 price tag as long as they had the games to back it up. But EVERY PS3 owner I know (6-7) only has one game for their precious system, because nothing is out for it. I'm also tired of the whole "what until..." rubbish. Xbox360 may have been rushed, but at least they had great games from the start. The PS3 won't have any good games until 2 longs years after launch. Whats worse...waiting two weeks for your defective Xbox to be repaired, or waiting two years for any decent games??

GameOn5121d ago

We dont care about blu-ray players. we just want good games and a good price.

risk5120d ago

crazy larry..please post all the great games in the first year of xbox360.

Caxtus7505120d ago

Call of Duty 2
Saints Row
Dead Rising
Lost Planet
DOA4 (was ok)
Gears of War (was within the year- nov 11ish)

All i can think of off the top of my head.
A fair few more "good" titles but these were the great (bar DOA.)

Not to mention the "great" Arcade Titles such as Geometry Wars (still the best)

Your go ;)

I do have a Ps3 in my house (my brothers) but until i see some games (which will come soon) I will stick to my xbox.

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mikeslemonade5121d ago

Nothing, I will buy it even if it had no games.

PS360PCROCKS5121d ago

I hope that was a joke...

Rythrine5121d ago

I guess he means as a blu ray player. My uncle bought his solely for blu ray player because it was the cheapest out there at that time. He's not into videogames but more of a movie buff lolz.

MannyHarlem1415121d ago

he wasn't joking he's an ignorant consumer and a full-fledged fanboy

mikeslemonade5121d ago (Edited 5121d ago )

Nothing, I will buy it even if it had no games.

I think in little ways the higher price works in favor for Sony. It provokes people to buy it every time there is a price drop. Over the next 10 years the likely hood of you buying the PS3 is huge. There's potentially going to be atleast 10 price drops. And i'm only talking about price drops. What about the classic games you wanted to play that were released 2007. Are you really going to wait until PS4 to come out to play the PS3 games? And speaking of PS4 will there be a big difference in next next gen when graphics are already great for 360 and PS3. In 2014 the PS3 will be $100 range and people will buy that system over the next next gen systems. Both Sony and MS are still both in the progress of trying to make money of there new systems, so if MS were to realease the xbox 3 in 3 years the specs of that system will be too hard to be tapped by developers. Wii and even the 360, they're are really pushing to make you buy one now. Sony wants you to buy one now, but with continued success PS2, bluray, and harder to program system there are indications that they're in it for the long run.

Captain Tuttle5121d ago

Someone put some acid in your lemonade Mike. 2014? People will be buying PS3's at garage sales for $15. Everything will be downloadable by then.

P4KY B5121d ago

As of now I only know of 1 person who owns a PS3. He's a relative of a friend and he's 10.

For a bigger controller to fit adult hands.

For some games that are genuinely good and not just part of the overblown Sony hype machine.

And for the Sony fanboys to STFU so that some of the stigma about owning a PS3 will diminish.

MannyHarlem1415121d ago

what constitutes "genuinely good"... name some exaples of genuine goodness on the 360, which I own... all I play on 360 is vegas, gears and Oblivion (gamer tag: militant sniper) look me up!


Agreed. I can't stand the gimpy controller, too small for me too & no rumble. Also Sony has along way to go with their online service, I can chat with friends all over the world & play games & it costs me $2.50 a month for all those unlimited long distance chats. I would like to see PS3 get more adult american style games like Killzone. Heavenly Sword & Lair do not appeal to me, nor the gameplay style of Metal Gear. I liked that stuff when I was in Jr. High.

I'm more interested in games like Mass Effect, Bioshock, & Gears of War now. And I definately agree with you about the Sony fanboy image, because I use 2B one, then I grew up. As far as Xbox360 issues, I bought my machine 4/2006 & have never had any problems. Frankly, I think alot of the negative press for both systems is complete crap. This website should change it's name to "News for Flamers". I'll buy a PS3 when it has more than acouple of games I'm interested in & their online improves significantly.

Ju5121d ago (Edited 5121d ago )

I kind a agree that some games almost might sell me a 360 (like GoW, Masseffect and Halo), but then I look at the PS2 games library which simply has a much broader portfolio of game types. I still believe the PS3 is in its very beginning and eventual this bigger variety will be available for the PS3. New titles are an indication, like Uncharted - Drakes Fortune, Lair, Heavenly Sword, InFamous. I think the PS3 will have a strong heritage from the PS2. And while I'd miss some of the 360 shooters, there are good ones coming for the PS3, too. I still think Resistance is a great game (played the missions at least three times - and was hardly boring compared to CoD3, which I had to force myself to do at least once), then the exclusives Killzone and MGS4 will be awesome, Haze was good, UT3 - whoa, that might be a Halo replacement (if you can't get your hands on Halo), Plus there will be a ton of multiplatform games coming to the PS3 as well: CoD4 (I think this will revise my CoD3 experience), Mercenaries 2, Frontlines - Fuel of War, Timeshift, etc. (I don't understand F.E.A.R.s review results, because IMO it plays great on the PS3, RB6-Vegas is out now) and racing games (Motorstorm is just great, but Dirt and Sega Ralley Revo is coming before end of the year, not to speak of GT5 (or prologue) next year. I'm not so much into sports, but these are available as well - Tiger Woods 07 hooked me up for weeks (but was rented, I am waiting for the 08 to buy).
So, I do not really understand the complains. The price is OK (not to mention BluRay - but if the network is a primary selling point, WiFi is a must), sure could be cheaper, and eventually will be (I don't regret to have spend $599, though). If you are serious, one can easily find reasons to go with a PS3 - as well as one can find reasons to buy a 360 or a Wii.

ShiftyLookingCow5121d ago

I too thought the controller was bad but actually its great. Not the same as 360 but different. I would still like rumble though.

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