Pokemon Tournament at GameStop July 21, 2007

Gamestop is holding a Pokemon Tournament called "toughest trainer on the block". The in-store tournament is a one day event this Saturday, July 21st, 2007. Check out if a store location near you is holding a tournament or just call them up and ask if they are holding a tournament.

Bring with you your own Nintendo DS and Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl with your best Pokemon and prove your strength by battling it out in Pokemon Battle Revolution on Wii. The prizes are:

* 1st Place: Pokemon Battle Revolution software and a Poketopia T-shirt;
* 2nd Place: Poketopia T-shirt;
* Everyone gets a free Pokemon special gift just for showing up!

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computer5421d ago

Lol! Pokemon Tournament!

Cpt Qwark5421d ago

I want that poketopia T-shirt lol

omansteveo5421d ago

Dont F*ckin remind im not lookin forward to work today most of the people who wanna b in it are grown men 16-30 ages f*ckin pathetic

ItsDubC5421d ago

Aren't the chances fairly high that the 1st-place winner would be hardcore enough about Pokemon to already have that game?