Killzone Interview- Rudy Massar: Character Artist

Rudy Massar of Guerrilla Games talks a bit about his role at the company and more. Fans of Cobar in Killzone Liberation will be sad to know that he won't be coming back BUT there will be a cool new character to replace him in Killzone 2! Read on:

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nurayi4135d ago

sadly this is an old interview, and has little info on killzone 2. this was pre e3 I think

computer4135d ago

This game looks unbelievable... I really cannot wait until it releases.
I know I will be experiencing sleepless nights and total seclusion from the outside world when this does release. ;D

dauden4134d ago

Luckily you should be able to run through it in two nights. ;)

Kleptic4134d ago

Those interviews are never very interesting...they ask pointless questions about killzone liberation...when everyone just wants stuff on Killzone 2 for the most part...

I know its a matter of the developers not being allowed to talk about Killzone 2 most likely...but w/e, "which character would you save?"...seriously...