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Lens of Truth writes, "Skate 3 is a more realistic approach to the genre, unlike Tony Hawk’s franchise which has an over the top tricks and combos system. Skate 3 is Electronic Arts’ third installment with this successful franchise, and it has been a year since its predecessor, Skate 2, launched. This week we decided it was time to switch gears and freestyle our way through the various cities and parks of Skate 3 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Sit back an enjoy the ride while Lens of Truth grinds out which version of Skate 3 is worth your hard earned dollars, and which version leaves you with road rash."

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Alcon Caper4673d ago

PS3 wins at load times... :/ (I assume they didn't install the game on the 360).

But they also win at Screen Tearing. Why do most multiplats on Lens of Truth have a noticeable amount of screen tearing on the PS3?

Bigpappy4673d ago

The 360 version is better in some areas, but the game looks almost identical and runs just as smooth on the PS3. Nothing to brag or fight about here.

digger184673d ago

Screen tearing on the PS3 goes away with the Vsync on/off option in the menu

RudeSole Devil4673d ago

Did you even read the article? They explain why they don't install these Head2Head on the Xbox 360.

SOAD4673d ago

I don't want games on consoles to run at 60 fps. I'd rather the developers double the amount of polygons on screen and make the game run at 30 fps.

mrv3214673d ago

I don't believe it works like that... doubling the framerate I don't think means doubling the power needed. 60FPS is just so smooth.

JsonHenry4673d ago

Yeah, it doesn't work like that. Increasing the graphics fidelity does lower the frames per sec but it doesn't equal 1 for 1.

Shaman4673d ago

It actually does...You will be able to get twice as many effects(assuming they are the same as those at 60fps)doing 30 fps since you will have twice more time to render the frame and to bypass frame rate dips.With 60fps you have to render your frame in 16,6 ms while with 30 you have 33 ms

e-p-ayeaH4673d ago

Ur making no sense cause i think console games are about gameplay not graphics

SOAD4673d ago

I think all games are about gameplay and not graphics, but for console games I think that 30fps is decent enough, and that anything more than that is a luxury that PC rigs can handle. With consoles, if you want to run a game at 60 fps you must halve the number of polygons you want to render on screen at any given time in a second.

And in the case of Skate 3, I think that 30fps is adequate.

Plus, I don't see how I'm not making any sense. You may not agree with me, but I coherently stated my position.

Hotel_Moscow4673d ago

didn't modern warfare 2 run at sub hd at 60 fps meaning multiplaform game inferior to ps3 exclusive which would result in ps3 can handle it

iamgoatman4673d ago

60fps is definitely a must in this game. I remember trying the v-sync option in Skate 2, and it just didn't feel right. In a game like this you want the animations to be as smooth as possible with lag kept to a minimum, and 30fps just doesn't cut it.

Skate was never about graphics anyway, it was about unique and refreshing gameplay.

Alcon Caper4673d ago

You're right, I guess I glazed over that part. Still, most 360 owners have a hard drive. They should at least install it and use those comparisons as well in the article. There's no point in avoiding it if many people do have hard drives. I'd like to know.

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BYE4673d ago

They look exactly the same, thanks to EA making games on the PS3 first and porting them over to the 360. They understand how it's done.

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