Messenger Kit Hands-On

This year's Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard Update brought MSN Messenger contact-list integration to Xbox Live, but many of us have been waiting for Microsoft to release the chatpad accessory before making full use of the service. Microsoft knows that messaging isn't going to be widely used on the Xbox 360 unless the system has an input device to make texting easier for those of us who don't keep USB keyboards on the coffee table.

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God of Gaming5424d ago

I cant wait for this... sick of using my USB keyboard... Going to be great for quick notes in games

Crazyglues5424d ago

this sucks, their has got to be a better way to type because right now it takes me like 4 days (ok not 4 days for real but it's long) to type a response to someone.

This looks like it will be heaven sent. For when you need to just type something real quick.

FeralPhoenix5424d ago

but I love gadgets and this one is pretty nice fit with the 360 controller, I think I just might pick this up.


PS3 already have a MadCatz typing peripheral to attach to the controller, and it sucks. It take a USB port to run and fit in the upper part of the controller, so you cant type with your thumbs... Just hope that MS peripheral is more useful. At least it already fit much better to the controller.

PS2 already have something in the like of MadCatz and MS peripheral, but from Nyko, and the keyboard come with ("glued") the controller. It's in the MadCatz way, in the upper part, and it's equal somewhat unaccessible.