AMN's Roundtable #13: Who Won E3 2007?

E3 2007 has come to an end, and the inevitable debate of who won the big show has already begun. So, who won? Between the big three -- Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony -- who "won" E3?

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felidae4106d ago

Sony did the best job at this years e3 - do doubt about it.

Wii looks interesting but not for hardcore gamers.

Microsoft showed nothing new - good games but we already knew them.

PS3 is getting more and more attractive - no one can say their show wasn´t the best

shura4106d ago

that the 10th website to do it.

ShiftyLookingCow4106d ago

I think its time to move on from E3 folks.

LeonSKennedy4Life4106d ago

Sony totally OWNED E3!!!

Microsoft definitely got second though. It was a solid performance and it kept the attention of gamers.

Nintendo just plain SUCKED!!! If Sony had pulled that Wii Fit stunt, the press would be all OVER them! They made terrible fat jokes about Reggie! Reggie, himself, was presenting in that slow, unsure fashion that he always presents in. All they did was introduce the Wii Fit balance board...and the zapper!

Anyone notice that the balance board games are the SAME games we've been playing on EyeToy for a few years??? There's nothing different about it. EyeToy already has a couple of fitness games too! Are we, as gamers, going to ignore that this is not an original idea? I can't believe you're letting the gaming world fall into a bottomless pit!

Watch the Nintendo Press Conference! It was TERRIBLE! Even the zapper, which seems cool, was lackluster! I wanted RE:UC before this video. Now, it just looks like crap! He also acted as if SEGA making ONE GAME on the Wii was THIRD PARTY SUPPORT GREATER THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE!

What Nintendo's saying is...keep buying the same old crap...and we'll keep screwing you over! long as you're happy with mediocrity!

ShiftyLookingCow4106d ago

if Wii Fit was made by some third party, everybody would have been laughing about what an expensive piece of gimmicky sh*T it is.

THAMMER14106d ago

This is just as bad as PS3 or 360 is DOOMED. Lets get a new topic please.

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