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Four reasons to be wary of Killzone 3

Green Man Gaming writes:

"You’re probably well up to speed with what people *like* about Killzone 3. So here are four reasons to think twice before clicking the preorder button."

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This is a blog entry, not an article.
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Faztkiller3060d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(1)
Since when are blogs acceptable? If someone wants their blog post on N4G, post it with the N4G blog system. This guy doesn't know any more about the game than your average IGN reader. He hasn't seen it, hasn't played it. So why should we care about his opinions?
callahan093060d ago WhoDisagree(1)Agree(1)
Pointless drivel based on second-hand impressions of a pre-alpha. Seriously. Wut.
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manna3060d ago

Fanboy Article, considering most of the things u wrote were jst shown for abt 20min to the press a couple of days ago which i'm 90% sure u were not among, so basically your reasons were based on screenshots and word of mouth thats jst a couple of days old?! u fail my friend :)

Conloles3060d ago ShowReplies(8)
HolyOrangeCows3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

"Return of the cover system", these are "Reasons To Be Wary IF YOU DIDN'T LIKE THE LAST INSTALLMENT"?

"Killzone 3 has boring new weapons (so far, anyway), and don’t let those GFX-addled hacks tell you otherwise"
I don't think I'll let a guy who hasn't played the game tell me otherwise, either.

EDIT: Hey, you know you wanna bubble me up.

cyborg69713060d ago Show
Parapraxis3060d ago Show
morganfell3060d ago

A first person cover mode that doesn't use the idiotic back to the enemy move like so many games is supposed to be a matter of concern?

It's obvious the only PS3 this clown has played is at a kiosk.

hatchimatchi3060d ago

well said cows

boring new weapons, that doesn't make any sense. All that was shown was 1 level of a game that isn't even finished.

Pathetic article from a blogger who comes off as a pretentious twat.

kneon3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

Comparing the weapons to R&C is just dumb, this isn't a game for cartoon like weapons. It's bad enough that there are jet packs, hopefully they aren't part of the MP.

And I like the cover system.

The_Count3060d ago

This article should be renamed Infinite Resaons not to giove my shit site hits.

Parapraxis3060d ago

How the hell is my comment "off-topic" I'm talking about the AUTHOR.

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Strange_Evil3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

Reason 1... Broken Cover System???? What??? KZ2 has the best cover system in FPSes (if there are any other that is), it worked perfectly. You seriously will whine about not able to pose a sh!t stance behind a wall??

Reason 2...Lacks Variety... Hasn't this been addressed. They already confirmed alien jungles, Ice level, nuclear devastated levels, space level.... Or are you gonna whine that they just showed you 1 single ice level. What more do you expect in games??? I mean wasn't this the same with Halo or CODMW2????

Reason 3... Tedious Guns.... WTF!!??? They show a 20 min demo and you can predict that all guns are boring. They showed 2 new guns in a demo and when were KZ2 weapons boring?? Sorry it couldn't live up to your Rachet and Crank arsenal, but the same is the case with any FPS.

Reason 4.... And probably the most retarded reason of all. I would have even considered this if you said they would incorporate PS MOVE and that would cause imbalances, but 3D SERIOUSLY!!!! How many people will own a 3DTV by then??? I doubt more than a few thousand.... Quite whining.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3060d ago

Totally agree.

I really dont know what hes talking about with the cover system. Why would I want to sit behind a box when i can use it as cover and peek round fom behing it?

He's actually complaining about there being more variety. That's just plain stupid. He's basically saying that there is a variety of levels, but because he played a jungle level on Sonic 2 the game is derivative.

Tedious guns? Yeah because everyone thought the lightning guns was needs more weapons yes, but compared to a lot of other games, the weapons were far from dull.

3D to cause imbalance? Why? Because I can judge where to throw a grenade? I have never ever had a problem with judging where someone is in relation to me. That is, by far, the weakest argument I have ever read on a site.

CryofSilence3060d ago

I find it rather hilarious how inconsistent his logic, if you can call it that, is. In the first reason, he recommends that KZ3 should conform to other shooters' methods, but suggests it shouldn't mold to them in the second and third reasons. Besides, the designers already said they are going to do environments unlike any other game and add way more variety to the guns while maintaining the lore. He's not a smart cookie, methinks.

On a side note: Reported link for being a blog entry - not a valid article.

hennessey863060d ago

not every one likes killzone i for one didnt enjoy number 2 because of the controls preferd number 1 and i aint no fanboy. Each to there own i say and unless they improve the controls reach and black ops are the only fps i will buy this year

hatchimatchi3060d ago

That's perfectly fine to not enjoy the game. Not everyone will/does.

That's not the issue here though. The issue is that the author of this article is making claims for arguments that have no ground. It's a troll post as far as i'm concerned.

nycredude3060d ago

Spoken like a true one console owner.

xJxdOggyStYLe3060d ago

has many good me killzone 2...was a huge hype machine i played it...and even though it looked good, it def wasnt anything that hasnt been done before..and done ALOT better fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me, ill rent killzone 3, if its mind blowing ill buy it. Same with halo reach. Its being hyped up, and halo 3 didnt do anything for me so ill also be renting that, if its all they say ill buy it

raztad3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

I couldnt care less about the opinion of any random blog about KZ2 or KZ3. I love (notice PRESENT tense, still playing it) KZ2 and I know KZ3 will be better in every way. The only factor that makes me "wary" about KZ3 is GG trying to cater the lame COD heavily autoaiming based, zero skills and twitchy masses. I would be extremely disappointed if KZ3 loses personality because of it.

"don’t let those GFX-addled hacks" <-- this shit is too good. I know fans of other consoles would love to have those "hacks" running on their console of choice.


Learn to use reply if you intend to call other dumbass.

2FootYard3060d ago

Dumbass Strange Evil since when do Halo lack variety in its levels? Halo takes you to deserts, forest, snowy places, spaceships, swamps, cities, and so on.

Strange_Evil3060d ago

That is what I meant to say 0_0

Just read what I said

" They already confirmed alien jungles, Ice level, nuclear devastated levels, space level.... Or are you gonna whine that they just showed you 1 single ice level. What more do you expect in games??? I mean wasn't this the same with Halo or CODMW2???? "

I meant KZ3 having all those variety is now similar to games like Halo which also have variety in their levels... Read properly before you pull the trigger.

2FootYard3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

Oops my bad dude. Should have read that more carefully.

sikbeta3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

Lame Article. Period!

KZ3 will Be Awesome, be "wary" now for all I care, You'll be Enjoying it as Much as Everyone Else...

gtamike3060d ago

My guess the writers mum didn't get him a PS3

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fire233060d ago

-_- Some one is very cranky, seriously point one has been addressed in developer videos, point 2 really, point 3 we haven't seen it all, and point 4 is actually interesting.

knight6263060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

funny a third killzone comes out and they bash it when all we been seeing is articles of the game and some videos that where leaked out but when a halo game comes out they dont make "think twice before buying this game" articles just move on if u dont want to buy it then dont buy

BeaArthur3060d ago

I agree with the imbalance of multiplayer but I think everything else will be a non-factor.

Double Toasted3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

If they don't raise the leveling cap or don't fix it from being so easy to obtain, then its a rental. Seriously, also add some dlc post release if they're not going to fix the leveling cap.

@Fishy fingers

It won't win half of those awards next year. I don't have to tell you what game is coming out thats going to have a say on the matter.

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