Sony debunks "Select Music" 1.9 update from E3, More firmware news coming

When asked about that at the official Playstation.Blog, Sr. PR, Patric Seybold responded:

"I can't verify that the 'your music' screen is real. It's obviously not a great shot, and I was at just about every kiosk during E3 and didn't see anything like that on any unit we had there, and yes, I helped set them up, so I would definitely have seen it. I think it is an artists creative expression for what they want..We will definitley have more info on the firmware updates here very soon."

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Fisher3395425d ago

being able to listen to my music while playing resistance online would be really sweet.

MikeJonesOK5425d ago

agree...nothing like a little crunk rock to enlighten the mood of shooting aliens and humans

LeonSKennedy4Life5425d ago

You get bubbles for sayin' Crunk Rock.

MACHone5425d ago

It kinda seems like it should have "come standard," but it's not a feature I particularly find to be that important. I'd rather Sony focus their efforts on something new.

Merovee5425d ago

But the developers have to actually put it in their game.

Lifendz5424d ago

so you don't want them to focus on it but something new? That doesn't make sense. You know, I wanted custom avatars for my PSN avatar and I felt that should have come standard but that doesn't mean I don't want it. I think wallpapers should be standard as well as DVD upscaling. C'mon man. I want new things too but I also want them to continue to add the little things to PS3 that should have been there out of the box.

StateofMind5425d ago

Sony would debunk the Sun if it was a rumor. I think they just like everything to come out on their own schedule. I've seen the screens in question and they are definitely not fake. Now I don't know if it'll happen during the next firmware update, but it's obviously in the works.

TruthHurts5425d ago

"Sony would debunk the Sun if it was a rumor"

thats hilarious.

on topic: if i was a business like SONY, I wouldn`t tell you fools sh!t either.

ngoniko5425d ago

yea, seriously they even "debunk" that 100 price drop and saying they don't plan on it, and 3 days later it was confirm....

Devilbringer5425d ago

Looking forward to it. playing games with music. its a great feature. that i hope will come soon

aaquib25425d ago

In the other post, Patrick also confirms that firmware news will be discussed next week. 2.0 anyone?

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The story is too old to be commented.