COD: Black Ops Getting Dedicated Servers and an MP Beta

Josh Olin is spilling more teases about COD Black Ops getting dedicated servers and even mentions the possibility of an MP beta in his latest Twitter posts.

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AliTheBrit194159d ago

Cool, I was in the World at War Beta :)

Some french website was just randomly giving codes away lmao

hamoor4159d ago

Where is those people who said "I will never buy cod again"???
Where is the evil activision that will not get your money ever again?


they are prob not here because they are not interested....

Conloles4159d ago

I aint buying this but if its good on PC I'll make sure to torrent it then buy a cd key so Activision doesn't get a cent of my money.

wicko4159d ago

Even though I hate Activision, if they properly support the game for PC users I'll buy it just to say "this is how PC games should be, keep up this kind of work". Rather than not spend any money, as Activision well then look at it as "well, doesn't look like adding those features changed sales at all so lets not bother with that again".

Despite how Activision behaves, they still end up publishing some good games.

booni34159d ago

will infinity wards name be on this one, or will it say evil sellout corp. when you boot the game up?

booni34159d ago

will infinity wards name be on this one, or will it say evil sellout corp. when you boot the game up?

rockleex4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

If they had a MP beta for it.

Especially when introducing so many crazy perks and insane killstreaks.

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TheDeadMetalhead4159d ago

I wish the console versions would get dedicated servers too. Maybe it would do something about the awful lag that often happened with past CoD games.

Hideo_Kojima4159d ago

I have played around 40 hours oh MW2 and I remember lagging in 3-4 games (Where the bar goes red) and it was because the host changed but I can live with it.


I think he is talking more about bullet Lag, which you do get a lot of in MW2, you only need to watch the kill cam to see it in action.

It's a lot more noticeable when you play people who are in a different country to yourself.

rockleex4159d ago

Then you die.

You watch the replay, and you see that you weren't even close to the wall.


Then other times during the replay the shooter shoots BEHIND where you are, and STILL gets you!

Nitrowolf24159d ago

wow way to make me think the console version will have them
he is only mentioning the PC version
"PC Fans - get your Dedicated Servers apparel today! "

ajeben8094159d ago

exactly right, this is misleading

chak_4159d ago

okay, that's a good first step.

now announce mod support and I might jump in

wicko4159d ago

This. If they allow mod support and in turn, custom map packs, a server browser, I might buy it.

Even though I can't stand Activision, if they do something right for once then I want my money to say so, perhaps leading to them doing more right things in the future.

COINTELPRO4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

Since CoD4 onwards features a country getting nuked, I hope North Korea and/or Iran gets nuked in Black Ops. Africa too.

chak_4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )


it's a gaming site here, get your stupidity out of here

hamoor4159d ago

I hope your house get nuked bitch
What Africa have done to you???

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AssassinHD4159d ago

You know that Black Ops is covering the Cold War right? I would not bet on anything getting nuked.

Hideo_Kojima4159d ago

Yeah because if they nuke people it will become a HOT HOT HOT war :P

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