New Starcraft II Terran units & info revealed via Swedish magazine

If updates to the official Starcraft II website aren't coming fast enough, Swedish game magazine Super Play (via and later confirmed by a Blizzard representative) managed to glean some new information about the Terran units.

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MK_Red4110d ago

Good to see some non-Protoss StarCraft 2 info and screens. Seriously, for some time it seemd that the only people Blizzard cared about were the protoss fans. Cant wait for more terran and zerg info and units.

BaMYouRDeaD4110d ago

I can't wait for some Zerg info. They were my favorite race in the original StarCraft.

i Shank u4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

been wanting to see more of terran and zerg, protoss has been the face of the game so far. Thor looks ready to kill whoever looks at it, Viking Fighter and the Home Base upgrade to Fortress are sic. They seem to be making units that have alot of abilities and diversity, this game looks too fvcking sic man

neil19884110d ago

i know ever since i played the game back in 1997 of both starcraft games the zerg are ny favorit but they have been the most lesat shown

computer4110d ago

Starcraft was one of the funnest online games of its time, hopefully that can continue with this game as well.. Go Blizzard!!
I just wish they would release this for the consoles =[

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