Mario Strikers Charged Reviewed by 1UP

Surprise, Mario Strikers Charged is not a soccer game.

The evidence to support this is plentiful: Small, contained playfields; four field players per side; an emphasis on rapid give-and-go and rotational passing; stonewall goalkeepers defending narrow posts from rebounding garbage goals; and the reliance on brute force when trying to take the ball from opponents. It could be argued that it's more representative of the indoor flavor of the game, but even the Major Indoor Soccer League retains much of soccer's underlying sophistication and elegance. No, Charged is more like minor league hockey. If ya got it, shoot it -- and if ya don't, hit the other guys until you do. Moreso than its GameCube predecessor Super Mario Strikers, which was wacky enough to begin with, Charged prefers chaos over control. But once you realize that it isn't the end of the world when your only defender gets knocked off the field by a flying cow, you should have quite a bit of fun.

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