Mystery Smash Bros. mode revealed

Super Smash Bros. Brawl has plenty of surprises in store it seems, and this is one of them: a new mystery gameplay mode that appears to allow you to fight with trophies.

Fans of the previous game will remember the several dozens of trophies that were awarded for completing certain tasks in the game. But in Melee, they were nothing more than ornamental collectibles.

Game creator, Masahiro Sakurai, only partly explains what happens in the new mode, which he files under '???' on the official site. "In this world, trophies fight," he says. "Those are the rules of this world. But... when someone... or something... breaks those rules, the world will pay a terrible price..."

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ChickeyCantor5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

it works without the " stupid gimmick" right?
so your question is a bit stupid.

good point.

you know nothing about this game i guess, to bad you miss out something great.

FinalomegaS5421d ago

are you a fan of the game? Maybe your looking forward to playing using Snake vs other nintendo fans? But seriously why don't you do a little searching on the web before saying something like that -->How is this game gonna work if it doesnt even use the stupid gimmick.<--

I've been checking all the updates and I'm not even a fan of the last one, just couldn't go on using my gcn controller for a fighting game, but the classic controller is going to be nice.


MACHone5421d ago

I've been visiting the Smash Bros. site pretty much everyday, and though this latest update has certainly been the strangest, I never got the impression that this was a "new game mode." The screen shots are clearly part of a cutscene, which is very reminiscent of the opening FMV from Melee. At first I just thought the update was revealing shots from the new opening, but if this is a new game mode, then I wonder if it'll be an addition or a replacement to the Adventure mode in Melee.

ChickeyCantor5421d ago

" The screen shots are clearly part of a cutscene,"
yes but are you implying its CGI? or just a cutscene?

firstworldman5421d ago

I just thought that this was giving the readers of the site an update of what the game is all about. MetaKnight seems to be the one screwing things up?? I wonder who we'll get as a boss in this one.
The website seems to take a some-people-know-nothing-about -this-video-game approach to how it talks, in some cases. Making the game accessible to everyone with new controls and the story to newcomers.

ItsDubC5421d ago

I myself have only played SSBM for about 30 mins tops, so I don't really know too much about this game series. Needless to say, I'm excited for SSBB and check the website every weekday.

ChickeyCantor5421d ago

No wonder you had a different opinion in the forums about SSB.
The game rocks and you should have played it more =P you could get addicted.

sumfood4u5421d ago

People who dis this game, never gave it a chance, There's nothing boring about this game. Great fights, Great awards, Great time kicking friends ass an Vice Versa. Collecting trophys an reading the trophys Bio was really fun for me since I love reading an learning Interested things.

ChickeyCantor5421d ago

Dont call youself a master >=( because on the battle field you might get your as* kicked >=D