Haze E3 2007 Impressions

Free Radical, best known for its TimeSplitters series will unleash Haze this fall, a PlayStation 3 first person shooter that blends frantic action with drugs. As gamers blast enemies, they can inject their bodies with a powerful substance called Nectar, a useful cocktail that boosts their abilities. Overdosing, however, has dangerous consequences.

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Kleptic5426d ago

it looks generic? that is kind of harsh...I have always thought it looked pretty good...and still looks to be a lot of fun, especially with the 4 player co-op...

computer5426d ago

It looks very good in my opinion... Oh well, we'll have to see when it gets here... sooooo many games.... I'm gonna be broke =/

jodonn085426d ago

i think that this game will definitely be good, i just hope it doesn't get lost in all of the good games coming out

QuackPot5426d ago

As it's a shooter and timed exclusive then if you have a ps3 and want a shooter then you have this, UT and COD4, Warhawk to chose from before year's end.

If you love shooters you'll buy all four. And if you have an xbox 360....well....we already know you've pre-ordered Halo 3.

So it won't get lost.

Kleptic5425d ago

yeah I am putting this up against COD4...I probably will not get both...haze looks to have a newer gameplay technique...and COD4 obviously has some serious graphics...

right now I am definitely leaning towards haze...I know COD4 is a different time frame than the past games...but I still was never a fan of how scripted everything was...unless they change that considerably, I will see what this nectar crap is all about...

Nicosia5426d ago

They gotta show us those moral choice stuff, because they still havnt show us.

power of Green 5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

One Halo 3 killer down one to go.

EDIT: you people been smoking that Nectar?, the devs said this thing was going to crush Halo 3 and they have little time to convince these guy's from the story before the Haze launch. Haze the mature halo, because of what!, color filtering?; they both have charators brains being blown out. lol

What does haze have to offer?, Nectar junkies having sex for drugs with Profanity every other word?. Sony used these guy's to hype PS3 to steal thunder from Halo 3 knowing it wasn't up to par or didn't stop them, and this game took back seat to KillZone. lol

TruthHurts5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

HALO3 isn`t even a HALO2 killer.

on topic: Games that have gotten BAD PREVIEWs that got GREAT REVIEWS.

1.Shadow Of The Colossus
2.Dead Rising

Nothing more Nothing less.

and this isnt even a preview, its an impression.

1.Only puss!es ignore, people. decide what you are.
2.If i`ve been ignored, how are you responding to me now.
3."I guess the "truth' isn't the only thing that hurts"

i have no idea what your talking about on #3,so your alone on that one.

maybe you thought of how much it hurts that HALO3 isn`t HALO3 and you just quickly responded? take your time POG, explain yourself.
instead of coming back w/ what you came back w/.

do you switch between multiple accounts to disagree w/ people and take away their bubbles? you do! thats the lowest.

that was a complete RANT.
you don`t even know what you just said.
you better put me back on ignore, so you this doesn`t happen to you again. TRUTH HURTS.

power of Green 5426d ago

I guess the "truth' isn't the only thing that hurts.

Did you say something you've been on ignor for weeks.

QuackPot5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

As I will get all three consoles EVENTUALLY this Halo killer rhetoric is idiotic.

Not interested in your trolling as I'll be enjoying Halo 3, Mass Effect, Too Human, Haze, CoD4, Gears, Killzone 2 etc etc.

Also, it would be very difficult to KILL Halo as it has got everything right interms of gameplay, story, weapons/vehicles etc. That's unless you copy everything and improve upon it. That can be done but surprisingly hasn't by developers who have chosen to go for more realistic, grittier shooters.

So again, I'll be enjoying all the games. Try it. You might just like it.



No. I'm not a hardcore gamer. I don't need a Wii or xbox 360 yet so will be waiting for the price to drop to bargain basement. Unfortunately, that takes a few years. But I will be getting them EVENTUALLY to try all the great games and try out that controller.

I'm actually a very casual gamer. Like yourself apparently......hmmmmmmmmmm?

power of Green 5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

you're a "hardcore Gamer"; i a'm not. go play all your console's if you so choose. lol What does that have to do with me. Is this hardcore gamer trying to poke fun of my for being a casuual gamer?.

I can give a rats ass if you have more than one console the dev of this game was talking so much sh*t its not me you should be worried about. lol

Mature Halo tell me what that means while i go blow somebodies brains out in Halo 2 painting the walls with blood. lol

Look at that cartoony pic of Halo 3 i posted why don't you do the same as the Marine in that pic.

San anto5426d ago

who gives a flying sh!t if this is a halo killer or not, after next year halo3 will be out then halo is finally over woo0o0 no more bs about it, as it is slowly forgotten about

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IBLEEDBLU5426d ago

clearly u were dropped as a child - and more then once

halo3 is not new - its the same as halo2 with extra add features..whoa thats sooo amazing - let me spend another 70 bucks and play the same game that i already have and say its a halo

COD4, HAZE, KZ2, UT3 ruin it in graphics - and i mean ruin it...these games make halo3 look like a nintendo game back in 1990...

2nd of all - COD4 already offers sooo much more in terms of online play and single player and is different...WAY! different...thats where bungie screwed themselves - they played it safe and ppl dont want that - its next-gen - its time to show ppl what the system can do and let the dev explore new things....why would u want 2 be stuck playing the samething again?

i cant comment on KZ2 gameplay since no1 has hands on - but from what i saw its coming along nicely - best fricken death animation ive ever seen and its only alpha holy...

haze will do great - co-op with the nector factor will be intresting to use...

UT3 is UT3 - fast pace action

now do u see how stupid u look when u say halo3 is the biggest thing out there lol itll sell alot because of the bots but dont compare it 2 those games i just mentioned -

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