The Xbox 360 Is Dead. Long Live the Xbox 360.

Newsweek's Level Up Posts:
"My first Xbox 360--that's right, my first Xbox 360--died just two weeks after I received it as a surprise for my wedding anniversary last summer (my wife still gets Hall of Fame status for that gift idea.) One minute it was humming along nicely as I parachuted into position on Bridge Too Far in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, the next it froze up and stared me down with its HAL 9000-esque eye burning three-quarters red--the dreaded "ring of death" came to visit. I somewhat sheepishly brought it back to my local Best Buy, secretly afraid--after a night of Googling message boards--that I'd suffocated it in our TV cabinet and melted its innards to mush. The salesperson at the returns desk barely looked up as I gingerly pushed the repackaged unit across the counter. "So have you been getting a lot of returns on these?" I ventured after the silence became uncomfortable. "Uh-huh," she said, eyebrows raised, "good luck with this one," pushing a new unit back across the counter. I left quickly."

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iceice1235426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

In your quest to gain most Heat on new to win the contest you're posting blogs now. You know it will generate a lot of heat because of all the M$/Xbox hating Sony fans on this site. So you go past the rules and post a blog, not even close to being news. You and everyone who approved this show how this site is going to sh!t, and being taken over by Sony fangirls.

-Edit- Who disagreed with me? Do tell why I'm wrong.

Lord Anubis, oh boy didn't expect that from you, fangirl. How about I spam N4G with blogs about PS3 having no good games or exclusives? How it's inferior to the 360? Is that news? No, no it is not. And neither is this, you approve such filth because you truly want this site overtaken by you and the other fangirls. Oh well, grats on taking over N4G, I'm sure Sony is proud =)

Icewake it's nothing personal
You claim sony fans to bag on this xbox machine like it's a conspiracy...whats it going to take for you to admit that it was not a well built machine and that MS doesn't belong in the hardware business...they know it !!!....this will be their last system...investors will make sure of's obvious why MS focused on 07 games at really think MS is thinking of the future for the xbox ? Quit your denial like most xbox owners...i am a former xbox owner that is PISSED off that they launched a horrible happy they're trying to correct it...yes they do have a lot of money to float around...but as an investor i'd be pissed, and believe me they are at their xbox division...GAME OVER ! enjoy this final holiday season...I GUARANTEE this is it for the has hit its peak...and please don't be like every "xbox fanboy" and say halo to the rescue...that gets old !...It probably got too old for Peter Moore as well by using the halo button....hey hey hey good bye....nanananana

Okay lets start. First off Sony fans trash the 360 because they're afraid of the competition, not because it is truly bad. If it was would it have sold 10 million and be out selling the PS3 nearly 2:1 even though it's been out a year longer than the PS3? The investors pulling out part I really doubt, the costs of the 360s are a drop in the bucket compared to what M$ has, they have plans. Pissed of they launched a horrible machine? Everything about it is superior to the PS3, except its Dvd drive. Hit its peak? Ha, wait until the price drop(like they really even need one, though) then you'll see how a system can really sell. Halo to the rescue? You hate that? Sounds a lot like MGS4 to the rescue, except Halo can sell 4 million months before it's even out.


I know you never come back to news (well with this Blog) after posting but...If the 360's dead and is still doing better than the PS3 what does that make the PS3...come on someone say it :)

Lord Anubis5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

its amsuing to read comments like yours. Its amusing because once someone feels threaten they claim the world is doom. A clear example is xbox fans in neo GAF, as usual neo GAF is making fun of things, everyone has fun and everyone gets along just fine but once there's a thread making fun of Microsoft or Bell, they claim Neo Gaf is doom and its going down.

AH, these are good times.

its very simple, if you don't want to read the news is entirely up to you but that doesn't mean everyone else should be deprived simply because you dont want to read or feel threaten by the contribution.

Man you are amusing. Keep up the good work.

PS-Wii-605426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

I consider myself open-minded and (judging by the size of your comment) was looking forward to reading a potentially interesting and well thought out opinion...

you lost me at Sony fangirls =/

Itachi5426d ago

Icewake bury your head in the sand that would make it all better hahaha

Komrad5426d ago

I think he's mad. I think competition benefits the consumer in the end, so does name calling. I'm just waiting for the 'why the NOKIA NGAGE II will fail' articles myself! yep.

Kyur4ThePain5426d ago

Jesus, already down to one bubble with your new account?

TexasJock665425d ago

I'm an owner of both the PS3 and the 360. Therefore I can say what I'm about to say... I have to admit this site is a strong supporter of the PS3. IT DIDN'T USE TO BE THAT WAY. I'm tired of the 360 bashing. A news site should report news.

I love my PS3 but I have to admit the 360 right now, is a better gaming opportunity for gamers. The number of games available (isn't that why we play) is outstanding. Hopefully I'll get good use out of my PS3 next year with some of the games coming. However if the game is on the 360 and PS3, I play 360. Reason...the online experience. When I play live on Xbox...people actually talk and play as a team. The online experience on the PS3 is horrible. Nobody has a headset and therefore no one talks. Until the PS3 online community improves, the 360 will always be better.

So, my request... I love this website and I want to continue visiting...but please stop bashing the 360. Its a better experience. The PS3 has potential, but right now its a great way to watch movies on Blue Ray.

Just my 2 cents

clownfacemcgee5425d ago

MK's posting all kinds of news, and if the 360 is just getting a lot of bad publicity, that's no big deal. A while ago, it was the PS3 getting a lot of bad publicity and I bet you were flame happy. All consoles get good and bad news.

And this is an exceptionally well written blog post, and is therefor really, at least I would say, worthy of being called an article. I'll probably lose bubbles for saying this, but the guy was saying in the article, that he loves his 360, but it has problems. I feel like I love my PS3, but it has problems. If you don't recognize your console's faults, that's called being a fanboy.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5425d ago

Droids dont follow the rules of the site, so... they can have it. They all (ALL OF YOU) know not to post from blogs or forums. It's in the f**king contributer test for f**k sake but here they are day after day breaking rules or signing petitions all because Sony f**king cheated them and they know it.

Now they have to live with the over priced Blu-Ray player disguised as a gaming console. They are going to b!tch, moan, whine, cry, and pout like babies and go sign petitions and join DJ and all the others over at Sony defence group. Then they gather thier little minnions and come back here to approve sh!t that shouldnt be here.

Here... I have an idea why don't we just report comments from the comment section here at N4G as "news" since it's the same f**king thing anyway. Droids are the same kind of people who cheat, glitch, mod and greif in online games they are bottem feeders and sucker fish living off the sh!t of others all because Sony F**ked them over and didn't give them any games for a gaming console but instead force fed them movies.

looooosers who arn't much different than a lieing politicaian who tells us lies by saying "were after terrorist" and realy end up after the oil.

XboxIsBad5423d ago

first, why would anyone want to buy a 360? there is no point. it isnt fun. there is a new sony fanboy in da house booyah. it's hard to imagine, but I used to like the 360. Since I went through three, and endless disc scratching, I found the PS3. PS3's never fail with a failure rate of less than 1%. Why would u buy a defective product when there is another product only $100 more and a built-in bluray player? Everyone would like the ps3 if they had one

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Art of Motion5426d ago

I'm happy with mine, but its like the net is now turning on it and off the ps3, thats the way it has been past 2 weeks.

MikeGdaGod5426d ago

this isn't news. y'all know i love sony, but this isn't news worthy. who ever approved this needs to lose their contributor status.

tomfoolery5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

Mk Red posts neg-head 360 awful lot on this site.....and don't
say you don't Red!
I read his crap with caution!.This site is comedey central,just
got to go with it and have fun,or just turn your back on it.
Make a choice.

paracardium5426d ago

yes Xbots really know how to make this website a gong show.

power of Green 5426d ago

Take his crank down all this guy does is troll negative 360 news.

Eternal E 8085426d ago

its funny because he has no life and no good games to play on his beloved ps3 haha.