Xbox 360 Elite pre-sales up 150% for July shipment

Sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 Elite are up 150 percent at on pre-orders for a late July shipment.

The deluxe model, which includes HDMI and a 120GB hard drive, was introduced in late Apr. in the and has held staggered availability at U.S. retail.

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dale14160d ago

watch out for the drive if its the non bumper one send it back there old stock ones check it out on you tube

uxo224160d ago

I have never to this day seen an xbox360 either sitting vertical or horizontal. Scratch a disk without some dingbat, either moving the console while it was spinning or impacting/bumping the console while it was in use.

I do understand that there should be the proper bumpers installed, but you guys don't give the users enough credit for not properly taking care of their stuff.