Ico was risky business, says Sony

It’s a platform holder’s duty to bring new games and new ideas to the market, even if it’s risky, according to Sony.

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TheHater4082d ago

I for one is very very very happy that SONY gave the green light to ICO. If not, we might have never gotten a chance to experience a game with that unique experience unlike any other.

Dragun6194082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

Sony this gen has always been about Risky business and thats why I like them.

Blu ray, Six-axis, 3D, PS Move, PS Home, Investing into new IP/ Franchises (Heavy Rain, InFamous, Resistance, Flower, Little Big Planet), The Tester, Buying Studios, Remastering PS2 Titles, etc.

-Alpha4082d ago

Correct. But Blu Ray was their biggest risk. I cringe thinking how much worse things could have gotten if Blu Ray failed.

n4gno4082d ago

"how much worse"

[email protected] fan pretending it's not very good now :)

but you are right for bluray's success, it's huge, and will bring them billions until the br's death.

booni34082d ago

i havent played this yet. I blame SONY for no BC on my ps3. Also , perhaps we can get this and shadow of the colossus packaged as a bonus with The Last Guardian. Maybe.

klado4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

Not been played these two jewels? That means, you have the games in ps2 formats already doesn't it? so why not get a ps2 in less than 50 dollars...or are you that poor? give me a break, backward compatibility is not needed, IT is a nice add, BUT not needed, so blame sony for such is just plain lame as it sound, come again!

Ico was a fresh experience all around when it first cames out, still beating on me, directly to my collection if it comes to be true, about the collection.

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SOAD4082d ago

Sony takes the biggest risks and thus deserves to reap the biggest rewards, I think.

Information Minister4082d ago

Agreed! As long as Sony keeps taking risks, bringing new IPs with fresh experiences and unrivaled attention to detail (who else translates their games 100% including voices?), I'll keep buying Sony hardware and software.

BakedGoods4082d ago

...all of these replies are win. When companies take risks, consumers (usually) win. Sony has proven since the PSX that risks = reward. Since having played masterpieces like Uncharted and God of War Sony has proven they are the new Nintendo for this generation of gamers.

mantisimo4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

If Ico had never existed then I would never have missed it but somewhere in the smallest darkest recesses of my subconcious a small part of me shaped like a happy purple frog would have died, and that would have made me sad.

They were both fantastic games and are absolutely worthy of a rerelease in HD but can you all please realise it is pronounced eeco and although you are typing it correctly, in your heads you are pronouncing it eyeco. See I can see into your minds...... ;)

Ico and shadow both rock and it is brave/innovative/stupid? of sony to (as a corporation) be experimental but my god look how this so often pays off for all of us. If you haven't played ico go and buy it, borrow it or steal it (but return it, with some flowers when youve finished it) it is a masterpiece.

RememberThe3574082d ago

Sony isn't the only publisher that has tried to push boundaries. Ubisoft with Beyond Good and Evil and Capcom with Okami come to mind. But those were last gen and it seems with ballooning budgets publishers really don't want to take the risks they used to. So it's really on the platform holders to push the industry with their massive bank rolls.

dc14082d ago

When someone has the courage to acknowledge their happy purple frog -
I have the courage....NO!.. I'm compelled to give out +bubbles.

Well said mantisimo!
ICO and SOTC are great games. I can not wait for the release of the BR version.

Dnied4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

Lets not forget (and believe it or not) EA deserves some respect in theses regards too now, with dead space & mirror's edge,giving them the green light were part of the reason EA is in my good book now...

Great post though +

bah, off topic i know :( srry.. SONY FTW

Krugsy4082d ago

Just reading your comment made me smile. Bubbles to you good sir.

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AKS4082d ago

I absolutely adore Team ICO's games. I'll buy everything they make.

This article was bizarre for me to read because I just made a post on N4G like this referencing Sony taking risks with both Heavy Rain and ICO. I hadn't read this article until just now.

sikbeta4082d ago

This is what Sony do, ICO + SoTC are two Amazing Masterpieces but didn't sold great, I can't imagine another Company supporting a Dev knowing about this "situation" i.e Activision lol

It's Great to Know that Sony keep Supporting Amazing Devs with Amazing Games no matter the sales....

ICO Collection NOW!!!, Please SONY...


AKS4082d ago

Good grief! Keep Bobby Kotick away from Fumito Ueda and Team ICO! They'd never be able to make another game. He'd probably fire Ueda and then perhaps try to file a lawsuit against him. Thank goodness they are in a situation in which they are supported. I wish Oddworld and Clover got the same sort of great support that Team ICO gets. A lot of great developers go under because their overlooked gems don't sell enough.

Gobot4082d ago

Risky business was releasing a console for $600 with no games.

iceman064081d ago

Releasing a console at $600 was risky business. Especially, when another cheaper console had a lead. Now, the part about "no games" is just BS. No, it didn't have the same number of games as the console that had a year head start. But, there were 20-25 games available day one or within the first month of launch. Ultimately, though, the value of the $600 console has proven itself. PS3 gave Blu-ray, wifi, bluetooth compatibility, free online, etc. right out of the box. Add those peripherals to the 360 and your price tag would have been over $600 at the time of the PS3 launch.

4082d ago
Davoh4082d ago

Love both ICO and SotC, so can't wait for Last Guardian. Can't believe that ICO did that poorly, I'm glad Sony kept them making more of these games.

caladbolg7774082d ago

Sony do what Microsoft and Nintendon't?

klado4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

Wrong post..sheez

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dizzleK4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

another wise statement from sony. it takes no guts or balls to slap out the same 3 franchises each year. maybe some consumers are fine with that but i'm not. safe & predictable is boring. it'll be nice looking at my ps3 collection at the end of this gen and being pleased with it's variety instead of shooter, shooter, ummm shooter, racing game, shooter.

tinybigman4082d ago

with what you've stated here. when i look at my collection this gen on ps3 the games that i own vary in genres from VC, Mirror's Edge, LBP, ModNation, HR, Demon's Souls, Heavenly Sword to go with the usual shooters, racers, action games.

jerethdagryphon4082d ago

so far my collection of ps3 goes adventure adventrture shooter beatemup statagy rpg shooter uncharted rpg racing racing shooter flight photo shooter rachet rachet rachet......

enough variety there im happy sony takes risks some work some dont

thats why i like em

xHarvey4082d ago

I've played SoTC but not ICO. I'm waiting for confirmation on The HD Collection. I'll put ICO in my watch list on ebay just in case.

FiftyFourPointTwo4082d ago

I'd pay you 200$ for an HD collection of Ico and SotC so please make it happen. Thanks.

ThatArtGuy4082d ago

Shh!!! Don't give them ideas! I want mine reasonably priced. Thank you.

FiftyFourPointTwo4082d ago

Don't worry. They're not MS. :P

Crusade4082d ago

*sony takes notes*
*sells Ico/SotC collection for "bargain price" of $100*

*everyone blames 54.2*

Kakihara4082d ago

You don't even want to know what I'd do for an Ico/SOTC collection. I'd do horrible, horrible things.

thief4082d ago

The biggest risk was to actually support the developer even after Ico bombed, and let them spend 4 years on making SOTC.

patterson4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

True. It's one of the things Sony developers enjoy is the freedom to work out their vision.

It's one of the things I appreciate most about them. And although it doesn't hit the home run like your typical shooter (sales-wise), franchises like these are much needed in the industry.

raztad4082d ago

ICO sold 50K overall, that's a major FLOP there, so you are totally right thief. Another company would have disbanded Team ICO but Sony allowed them to work in another masterpiece: SotC. Incredible.

ICO/SotC deserved to be played by much more people and Team ICO hard work well rewarded, it didnt happen, but the HD edition surely will fix that.

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