LittleBigPlanet: Bigger Than You Know (New Details and Hands On)

PSU got hands on with Little Big Planet and found out all new details on the upcoming PS3 hit title.

Details Include:
- Single Player Aspects
- New Levels (including a new space level)
- New Racing Mode
- Player vs. Player (PVP)
- And more...

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QuackPot4523d ago (Edited 4523d ago )

A lot of kids are going to be begging their parents to get a Ps3 when this little beauty comes out. And combined with a price drop/packages for the holiday/new year break LBP is going to be a major console seller.

But a lot of adults will be wanting this game as well. It's a simple, highly creative fun game ....and Sackboy and Co are so f*ckn adorable.

Wolfgang1874523d ago

This is one of those games where I think my anticipation cannot peek any higher, but then I hear new details and up it goes.

akaFullMetal4523d ago

cant wait, seems like alot of fun, and cant wait for player generating levels

Lex_Yayo_4074523d ago

LBP is gonna be game that is gonna change alot of gamers around on how they think about games. This game is gonna be huge when it comes out and im gonna be the first one @ Gamestop getting this game.

ALLGAMER4523d ago

your the second one that gets it? Will you still like it?

Staircase4523d ago

I can't get enough info on this game, it just looks so damn great.

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The story is too old to be commented.