Report: E3 2008 Will Not Be Held in LA

GameDaily reports:
"Big changes could be in store for E3 again. We've been hearing that the show will be moved away from Los Angeles next year, but a new location has yet to be pinned down. Microsoft's Jeff Bell would seem to be in favor of Las Vegas, where a number of conventions are held."

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ben hates you5426d ago

columbus Ohio, for me... please

computer5425d ago

New York City please! =]
Jk, whereever it is, I know it will be a good one, as long as they make it how it has always been: very large, lots of media, lots of people, and most of all...... gorgeous booth girls ;D

Bathyj5425d ago

If they're gonna keep the same format, going from hotel to hotel, then Vegas is the only place for it. Plus theirs hookers and what happens there stays there. ;)

mrk015425d ago

The hotels are huge, they can hold all of E3 in one of the hotels on the strip and acommadate all the reporters with rooms within walking distance, and who doesn't want to walk the strip? Parking will be easier, and an added bonous is that the strip is very close to the airport(also within walking distance).
-These are all the things the press at E3 07 wanted to fix, overall they thought the changes were for the better... for them not the public.

SRuN45425d ago

it's needs to be in one central location and from what I heard some of the larger hotels in Vegas offer large areas for conventions where everything could be under one roof again..

darthvaderx5425d ago

Because on ISA press centre, it's already been decided the games will be in Downtown, LA. And E3 for Sony's keynote, is STILL Culver City.

Good job Gamebiz and N4G, YOU FAIL.

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