IGN: Vampire Rain review - Sucks a lot more than blood

The premise of Vampire Rain seemed promising enough -- a dark, brooding city caught in a literal torrential downpour with blood-sucking undead roaming the streets; hungry, and eager to increase their ranks. The intro provided high hopes as well, featuring a pert blonde waitress on her way home late at night. Footsteps crunch atop broken glass and pavement behind her, causing our busy victim to duck into an alleyway and huddle in fear. Too late, she looks up to see an undead clinging to the wall of a nearby building. His fangs glisten, he strikes... and that's where the intro ends. That's also, unfortunately, the last enjoyable part of this horrible, horrible game.

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MK_Red5426d ago

Wow, thats the first time that IGN gives a game Zero, absolutly 0 appeal. This game must be terrible. But IGN gave Hour of Victory4 or something and much more than this while many say that was worse.

TnS5426d ago

I have to agree with IGN: the render intro of the game was very good; it is unfortunate that you can't say the same about the game itself.

iceice1235426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

That game looks horrible, worst game of 2007?

razer5426d ago

Believe the reviews, it's a total stinker..

i Shank u5425d ago

im sorry you played it man. what the hell was MS thinking sponsoring this crap

gamehead5426d ago

how would you people even try this game out. We as gamers need to make a stand to developers, no lame games, no tenchu z's no vampire rains. Played hour of victory demo and it didnt seem that bad but didnt seem that good either and the graphics did look very lame. I spotted the fakeness of this game a mile away i mean all you have to do is look at the gameplay video and it just looks terrible. I wouldnt even accept this as a ps2 game.

ASSASSYN 36o5425d ago

Hour of victory sucked bad but it was better than this game.

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