Six Reasons The Xbox 360 Is in Trouble

The PS3 isn't the only console with problems. Microsoft has an equal share of issues with the Xbox 360 that could prove just as harmful as Sony's. Here a six reasons why the Xbox 360 is in trouble, though not necessarily doomed.

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Staircase5425d ago

Oh boy... this will be interesting.

jromao5425d ago

Just note how it begins, first try to show PS3 as faulty box:
"The PS3 isn't the only console with problems..." ????

then makes 360 as awsome but with few issues:
"..Microsoft has an equal share of issues with the Xbox 360..."

finaly returns again to PS3 making it as something bad (?):
"...that could prove just as harmful as Sony's..."

xbox 360 is going down ??
A: YES, proof is sales droped 61% as today news following MS reports.

SO, to whom "manufactured" this text called article (THAMMER1 ?), one question;

Are you beeing payed ??

dantesparda5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

Why is Thammer posting stories like this? very strange, for as, as far as i know, he is a 360 fanboy. Although i gotta say, he's what in politics we would call a "independent", he tends to swing 360 but will be more moderate about it than the average hardcore 360 fanboy.

He tends to try and be fair, but often comes out with smart-a$$ remakes against the PS3. But who cares about that, let me tell you's about the hot a$$ betty i pulled today. I think im in love with that phat a$$ booty. Anyways, play on, playas

What up T, Im going that way------> (or is it this way? <------- ) LOL!

nasim5425d ago

i feel bad for those who have purchased one in NA

THAMMER15425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

Yes it is a trap. Any real gamer who knows anything about video games, and have been following the industry from any time before the PS2, knows that the 360 isn’t going any where. Look at all the posers who come to this site simply to B!T(# and whine about the 360.

The 360 is still in a strong position. M$ is going into a holiday with a lower price point than the PS3 and a better games line up. The majority of people out here are not so Sony brand loyal and the 360 is proving this.

Think about it is about to be 2008. Sony is behind by close to 4 million in the U.S.A. The 360 is going to have to stop selling altogether for them to catch up by 2010 with a higher price point. Sony’s global sales equal the 360 sales in the U.S.A. alone. If you use logic and see the PS3 only out sold the 360 by barely 6,000 units after a $100.00 price cut, free remote and 5 free movies, you would understand that the PS3 is in bigger trouble than the 360 hands down.

You know M$ is going to cut the price this year to keep market leadership. One the 360 price drop hits you will see what a real sales spike looks like.


Agreed - this site needs to change it's name to "News for Flamers"

Most of these Anti-Sony & Anti-xbox articles are a joke.

Skynetone5424d ago

unless your a 360 fan-boy

it has hardware issues: FACT
10 mil sold in two years is a joke: FACT
Its failed again in japan: LOL

have fun ringing customer support

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DrRage775425d ago

6 reasons why i am starting to get incredibly bored and fed up with this site

1. every other article is about the impending doom of one console or other

2. every other article is about rumored price drops, followed by articles of both confirmed by, and denied by, the console's company...and then denied again....and then another confirmation which is denied!

3. every other article is about stagnant sales, or surging sales, or back to stagnant, or back to one more week of surges, and then articles of impending doom are written based on weekly surging or stagnant sales....

4. check 1-3 above

5. check 1-4 above

6. check 1-5 above

ShiftyLookingCow5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

if there were no other news, this site would be very boring indeed

[edit] "MGS4/FF13 goes to 360" we had a lot of those I agree

Phantom_Lee5425d ago

you forgot about the MGS4 rumor...we had alot of those too...

MADGameR5425d ago

Ever since E307 there's been alot of bad news for 360 fans lol! It seems like they can't handle it. When PS3 fan boys had a lot of bad news, they did'nt whine this much lol. The tables have turned!

Lord Anubis5425d ago

like N4G has anything to do with the media that is being output. What's next, you are going to come with the same conspiracy theory some kids think. N4G is making up sites to promote the PlayStation brand?


JasonPC360PS3Wii5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

I have to agree, it is always "doom" even though they keep selling. I mean hell I make fun of the PS3 daily and it's fanboys but it's not doomed, stuck in third maybe but not doomed it is the Playstation brand after all.

I been on this site a long time like some of you from the begining and it's getting pretty bad. Tomorrow it will be PS3 is screwed all because of this and more rings of death and more PS3 sales are sh!t and the 5000th HD DVD vs Blu-Ray and so on and so on.

You see alot of I hate Gamepro from Xbox fans and when MS pays Gamepro for the next thing they want it will be Sony fans saying they hate Gamepro. You see most gamers over the age of 21 knows Gamepro goes to the highest bidder, watch next it will be somthing bad about the PS3 or the Wii.

You right though N4G needs to do somthing, as much as I love the flame wars they are getting a little repetitive and stale (same sh!t different day) I think if we or they were to cut down on some of this it wont be so boring and stale.

Bubbles up DrRage77 for being true and real.

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Marceles5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

Next article..."how to save the Xbox 360". I remember PS3 had alot of these editorials too. Damn I'm sick of these articles. Just let the consoles live, we don't need your "what I think this console needs to do" input because there's always going to be someone who disagrees.

BubblesDAVERAGE5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

Okay even logically speaking if they sold 1.6 million since demceber they are in trouble and the ps3 has sold about two with European launch and the wii has sold about 9 million in less then a year and with recent problems of RROD hitting the public I wont say there outta they are in trouble.The RROD wasn't in the public eye I even seen it on the news so now they got a problem on there hands...even with the disc only problem is price that can be resolved easily why hardware problems are often harder to deal with

If you disagree dont be a pus*y tell me why...You already took my bubbles away you fa*ots...I wasn't saying playstion didn't have problems either with their lack of software but you fa*s are just xbox fanboys...I tire of you fa*s...This article is about xbox and im pointing out problems I BE A F*G and disagree you little bi*chtes

Also this is not about me liking the ps3, I never said the xbox wasn't good its a great system just have hardware flaws and time and time again in the first years of next gen they have been out doing sony..but I bought a gamecube last genration first and was so now im sticking with playstion and then eventually once they get rid of the RROD problems i will be getting one..playstion has always had a divers line up even last gen and they are doing the same trend this time so don't blame me if I stick with sony

ShiftyLookingCow5425d ago

Bubbles, I understand you like your PS3, but if Microsoft fails or performs like old xbox this generation, then next generation after this is going to suck very badly, gamers stand to lose. Ofcourse, RROD is cr*p but lets hope Microsoft comes back and holds its position.

DG5425d ago

PS3 sucks because of the price. I will get one if it ever gets to $300 just for the bluray player. I have a 360 and the games right now suck (untill August). I want a wii and might buy one if I can find it used. Right now all consoles suck and Im still stuck with a P4 pc.

PS if the PS3 is still over $300 by the time MGS comes out Im renting a PS3.

Numark5425d ago

you lost your bubbles because you use to be an immature fanboy. You use to make some of the most biased and stupid comments on n4g. That is why you lost them.

I have noticed you are making a lot better comments recently though. So props to you for that and keep it up.

Maddens Raiders5425d ago

aha..(in Dave Chappele's voice): "gotchya b1tch!!"

*kidding* -- just a little fun folks, don't combust on me....