PSU: Uncharted Drake's Fortune Hands on

Near the Drake demo booth, the friendly people from Naughty Dog let us know a couple of things:

- The engine was built from the ground up

- There is meticulous detail and focus on the life-like motion and facial expressions.

- The gameplay focuses on things like exploration, cave exploring, hand combat, with a flawless jungle environment influenced on Tomb Raider, with an inflection on foliage detail and everything in general.

Read on for more details...

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NoUseMerc5426d ago

This is probably one of my most anticipated titles. Looks amazing!

Kratosnake5426d ago

I love the fact that the engine was built from the ground up. Can't wait to get my hands on this wonderful little game. I hope the combat is as interactive and intuitive as it promises to be. And IMHO, i can't see it miss. This is gonna be one hell of a ride.

timmyp535426d ago

I really like the fact that there is so much animation over 3000 motions of animation..( a moment will never get repetitive)..pretty kool

Uncharted is extremely focused on the animation system on both Drake himself and the reactions of the shot enemies. In correlation to this extremely detailed aspect, the animation system reacts dynamically to the environmental situation presented while shooting. With a library of a number of animations for Nathan Drake combined using the Synapse Parallax model, Drake responds immediately to what the player does with the controls, and to where in the environment the player leads him while he’s reloading. So, Drake can be coming out of cover, reloading his weapon, slipping on the wet foliage, flinching away from incoming gunfire, all at once.

MarioFromTexas5426d ago

Develop an engine specificaly for the PS3. To think this is just the begining.

THE_JUDGE5426d ago

but then to licence one does to prolly. When its a first party game such as this, they can share the engine if it works well.

PS3Rebel5426d ago

i like is that there is more then one way in solving a puzzle - dev stated that they didnt want to give to much freedom in terms of exploring as ull lose focus of the storying line - which i like keeps the game play and action on pace with the story.

day one buy - check :)

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