Snake Vs. Zombie Event Video - Hideo Kojima Vs, Shinji Mikami Vs. Suda Goichi

Three of the biggest names in the Japanese games industry get together for an informal chat; about game ideas and their day-today lives etc. And they also mention the "Platform Wars", and if High End PC's were global then they would prefer to make games for PC

Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid), Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) and Suda Goichi (Killer 7)

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Lord Anubis5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

that was hilarious.

Kojima's game idea was silly yet funny.


yeah that was pretty funny. He's a cool guy.

CAPS LOCK5425d ago

I also Liked when he said he would like to be a bug in a game he hates...I wonder what game he will create after metal gear, I hope its something good and when is the new zone of enders coming out?

BlackTigea5425d ago

Same here I wonder what game, he will make or help make in the future. I'm sure hes got something going... Can't wait to see !