One-on-One with Microsoft's Shane Kim

You've already checked out a few bits from out sit down with the head if Microsoft Game Studios, Shane Kim -- why there was no price drop at E3, whether the company is relying too much on the Halo IP --- but John Davison and I spent more than 30 minutes with the studio chief at E3 last week, so there's plenty more to discuss.

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kewlkat0075415d ago

Kim: That game is obviously targeted at a pretty broad audience, but for some people, $300 to $400 is still out of reach for a next-gen console. Fine, we're going to address that issue.
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Kim:Who knows? Maybe $249 will be a mass-market price point -- but historically, $199 has been when you're talking a PlayStation 2-like install base. 80 percent of the business gets done at $199 and below. We're like the other guys, right?

So that smells like a Price-cut of $50 dollars across all SKU's by X-mas.

deadpreacher5415d ago

Yea i was thinking the same thing. At least he seems to hint at some kind of a price drop still this year. Going to have to wait it out and see i guess.

the_round_peg5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

All signs point to sale is struggling since last quarter. Xbox 360 should have gotten a price cut two quarters ago.

razer5415d ago

I totally agree with you. The system needs the price cut if they want to stay ahead of the Wii. Which at this point might even be too late..

After reading that I felt completely unsatisfied. Come on MS, give us something about your future plans beyond 07! They seem to play it waay too conservative while Sony has really just put it all out there and really overloading the news channels with great new IP's and appearently even more good announcements coming at Liepzig. Sony right now looks to be huge with their first party support while MS has some great stuff coming, they need more "show" pieces like Gears of War & Mass Effect. I believe they can get that from third party partnerships but if there all multiplatform then it just doesn't have the same effect.

Not to sound harsh, but I don't think they got rid of the right person at MS. They need to step up their first party stuff bigtime because Sony is a juggernaut when it comes to first party. Shane and MGS have some hits, but they still seem to be lacking something in the forumla.

Art of Motion5415d ago

That would help them and me:)