Nintendo Wii Fit Dares You Not To Exercise

Among the new titles planned for Nintendo's Wii is Wii Fit, a full-body exercise and workout program. Wii Fit comes with a pressure-sensitive Wii Balance Board that communicates with the game console and can be used to perform aerobic activities, yoga, and stretches -- and of course to play games.

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unsunghero285791d ago


No, but seriously, this should sell very, very well.

Karebear5790d ago

"Because nothing excites a kid like a pie chart or graph!"
With exciting games like, leaning from side to side!
Sticking out one leg!
Sticking out the OTHER leg!
Making Dance Dance Revolution much easier with only TWO buttons instead of those pesky 8.

I'm still laughing from the sarcasticgamer video Skillet_135 posted to N4G a few days ago about this.

AllroundGamer5790d ago

maybe some nerdy kids do really like to watch some graphs ;)

MyNutsYourChin5790d ago (Edited 5790d ago )

When I understood what graphs actually mean and symbolize, I found them very interesting. I think children who think abstractly do find graphs a bit interesting.

MACHone5790d ago

When did Nintendo stop being a game company and become a toy company? All I can say is that Super Smash Bros. Brawl better knock my socks off.

ChickeyCantor5790d ago (Edited 5790d ago )

smash will knock your socksorsz off

hoti775790d ago

i don't know about you guys but if you were smart you'd definately get the wiifit because it appeals to us ladies ;)

as a girl gamer i think this is a great idea. i'm sick of sitting around watching boys try to compensate for their short comings with games like Halo, Resistance, and all those FPS's. don't get me wrong i like playing them too but i don't like sitting their watching you play it while i twiddle my thumbs.

i'll definately buy this wiifit thing to help keep me in shape among other things :P

MyNutsYourChin5790d ago

SSBB wil knock Wii fanboys and SSB fans socks off but WiiFit will make you leave them on so you don't dirty the Balance Board with your smelly feet.

ItsDubC5790d ago

Very good point. If I were to get WiiFit, I would probably wear socks and require that others wear socks because I would prefer not to come face-to-face w/ foot-funk when doing the push-ups. Alternatively, WiiFit has the potential to boost sales of disinfectant wipes.

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