ICO and Shadow of the Colossus emulated in HD

Digitalfoundry writes:

Rumours are rapidly gathering pace suggesting that Sony is looking to follow-up the success of its HD "remastering" of the God of War titles with a similar gaming double pack featuring the classic ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

Digital Foundry took a good, long, hard look at the God of War Collection at the tail end of last year, comparing the original PlayStation 2 titles with the new 720p60 PS3 revisions, and came away supremely impressed.

Sony Santa Monica's original PS2 art worked beautifully in high definition, and the improved performance level could only be a good thing.

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BadOrcLeader3060d ago

I don't need HD Ico. It's beautiful the way it is right now.

Redrum0593060d ago

Never played ico, played and enjoyed shadow. If an HD collection of them come out, it will be a must buy for me.

Montrealien3060d ago

You bet, I guess Sony`s dream of selling the same games 2-3 times will become a reality, I loved the God of War colection, and I will definatly buy a Team Ico colection if and when it comes out.

Milk that PS2 library Sony! milk it good! I want more!

mrv3213060d ago

Sony want to sell us a remastered version of a game which is rare and casts a lot. I say all for them, I want to buy it and a used version of SOTC will set me back $40 a new version of a ICO collection will set me back $40 with better framerate and graphics and ICO game and trophies and achievements.

Montrealien3060d ago

I think we all know that mrv321. That's why this is so interesting!

I got ICO and Shadow of the Colossus and I will still get the remastered versions, but if they start doing this, they better go all out, Rogue Galaxy anyone? in full HD?

mrv3213060d ago

I want there to be a line of the stuff... not just one or two game a year. Like one a month, the PS2 is one of the consoles with the longest of lifespanss and it has some real gems.

DaTruth3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

I have both GOW's, so I passed on the collection. I can still play it in upscaled 1080p so not much of a loss!

But Ico was a game my friend bought and I played it through once. I never knew SotC was Ico 2 and never bothered with it because I never knew anything about it. I thought I missed it completely and would never play Ico again!

Ico will be beautiful in HD! It was already a pretty beautiful game on PS2. And it will play on my new CECH-2001A.

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ryuzu3060d ago

Yes but a lot of people missed Ico/SotC and this is the chance before TLG, to play the spiritual prequels.

That + graphics updates + sound updates + trophies + goodies hits the mark for me.

I played both but I'd drop the cash on them again...


jmare3060d ago

They are spiritual prequels technically because of the order of release. But the operating theory is that they are set in the same world and the story is being told backwards. Either way, it will still be nice to play them in HD. I want to kill Colossi in HD.

PaLaK-3060d ago

I missed out on ICO and SoTC but I hear they're epic and would love to play them.

Problems are, my PS2 isn't hooked up anymore, ICO is really expensive and after being spoiled by superb graphics the enjoyment would be

2 Games in 1 for a low price with HD graphics, trophies, and released around the same time as The Last Guardian = profit!

Only thing is, I hope SCEE don't do to us Europeans what they did with GOW (release the collection a month after GOW3) and I hope they release it at the same time in Europe!

mantisimo3060d ago

They were both fantastic games and are absolutely worthy of a rerelease in HD but can you all please realise it is pronounced eeco and although you are typing it correctly, in your heads you are pronouncing it eyeco. See I can see into your minds...... ;)

DaTruth3060d ago

I was pronouncing it Eyeco in my head!

mantisimo3059d ago

LOL see I knew it. Bubble for ya ;)

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sikbeta3060d ago

Of Course ICO+SoTC are Beautiful the way they are, but those Game can Look better and This Time MORE People will Have the Opportunity to Enjoy it...

TEAM ICO Collection Needs to be Released, SONY!!!

kevnb3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

but im not paying for my games to be rendered in higher res, I can already do that on my pc... and yes I own both these games.

MNicholas3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

Resolution aside, SoTC had tons of next gen features such as HDR, Tone-Mapping, per object motion blur (very few next gen games have this!), Bloom, fur shading (very rare even in next gen games), bump mapping, volumetric fog, cloth simulation, etc...

This was all possible because of the PS2's vector units. Vector units are basically what GPU shaders are going to be in a couple of years.

Vector units ran pixel shaders, vertex shaders, post-processing, physics and animation among others. Megahertz for megahertz they are actually more advanced and flexible than even the Cell processor's SPUs.

The SPUs were designed to make up for lacking certain functions that were present in the Vector units with sheer speed (almost 11 times the clock speed) and quantity (3 times the number of units), and more efficient system architecture.

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gtamike3059d ago

Twisted Metal Black HD please with online play :D

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Gigalol3060d ago ShowReplies(2)
bjornbear3060d ago

BIG improvements =D i wonder if more can be achieved =O

k2d3060d ago

60 frames per second in 720p IS a big and welcomed improvement

N4BmpS3060d ago

So this is happening I can start screaming and jumping for joy? We heart you(most of us do) TeamICO

peeps3060d ago

"So this is happening I can start screaming and jumping for joy?"

who said it's happening? did you read the article? This is HD emulation and has nothing to do with TeamICO although i do hope the rumors are true

N4BmpS3060d ago

Uh No one, Obviously I didn't.

SuperStrokey11233060d ago

Did you miss the question mark in the sentence you qouted? That means hes asking.

KratosGIRL3060d ago

A testament to Ps2 power game still looks fantastic

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