Top Ten Genuinely Mature Games

'Mature' games – as in games featuring gore, sex and swearing – are ten a penny these days, but genuinely mature games – as in games that tackle themes only an adult could understand and appreciate in a responsible, thoughtful way – are much, much harder to come by. Still, we have managed to pull together this list of ten games that truly have something to offer grown ups…

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jjacinto234247d ago

i love half life 2, bioshock, shadow of colosus and heavy rain

lovestospoodge4247d ago

monkey/blu-ray advertisement/irritable bowel syndrome jokes aside, mgs4 is pretty mature storywise

RedDragan4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

you may love half-life 2 but it is not deserving of the number one mature title. It is far from it in fact. You get a few featurs that other FPS didn't have at the time and that is about as different as it gets.

This list is yet another "make sponsors happy" list. It is suprising the X3 is not on the list, even outside of the storyline it is mature... you have to undestand economics for a start, so good luck to kiddies succeeding in that game.

NeoBasch4247d ago

So, where's Ico? Or, better yet, Silent Hill 2? I mean, seriously, how could you forget these two gems. I'll agree with BioShock, but the gameplay felt all but 'mature.' As for Prince of Persia, really? Alan Wake has been fairly surprising thus far. If it keeps it up, it'll probably join the list really soon.

Also, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, was a hallmark for me. It took a dated concept and redressed it into something tangible, modern even. The fantastical adventure was just a backdrop. It was really all about the characters. And that's where Uncharted shined. Nathan Drake and Elena Fischer felt like people you could meet on the street, which made the adventure all the more rewarding. These two are some of the most relatable characters in gaming today.

Feckles4247d ago

BioShock was a truly adult game until the point where it regressed to being just a shoot-em-up. Great story, world, characters… terrible end boss. In fact, terrible that it had a boss at all.

yog-sothot4247d ago

good list, a lot of true masterpieces here.

My personal fav' is Deus Ex, a game still unmatched in many ways imo, but most of the others are awesome too. Half Life 2, Shadow of the Colossus, Bioshock... all great games that tell their story through excellent gameplay and incredible immersion

ian724247d ago

I agree with Deus Ex. That game was amazing. Played it through many times just to do things differently. I have never been into a game like that before or since, I never wanted the game to end.
Still waiting for a game to me as gripped as that did.

ryuzu4247d ago

Which looks to be made up by someone who hasn't played many games :/

After all, there are still many games which provide genuine mature themse being released even today - they're just not released by the big studios as this list was.

By the mid-90s video gaming was trying to copy Hollywood's most brainless titles and that's where they've stayed.

Only the Japanese and indie developers in the west are making games with deep mature themes (and the Japanese like to wrap most of them in manga graphics diminishing the impact).


Rocket Sauce4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

Yeah, they also like to make mouse pads shaped like boobs.

ExgamerLegends24247d ago

I've never really thought of games having gore and sex to be mature simply because they have gore and sex.

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