E3 07: Mass Effect Preview

Saren's installation has to be destroyed. There are no two ways about it. The rogue Spectre's base contains the antidote to the genophage, a disease that is wiping out the entire Krogan race- and Saren is amassing an army of Krogan warriors for his own dangerous purposes. Leaving the base intact ensures galactic devastation, while destroying it condemns a race to eventual extinction...

Check out 8 new screenshots below...

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PS360PCROCKS5422d ago

these screens are not new btw...but Mass Effect I love you...cannot wait Bioshock in August, Halo 3 and GTA IV in September, COD4 in October, this in Plus HS, Lair, and Ratchet and Clank...yay I am spending ATLEAST $420 in 4 months

Syko5422d ago

You don't have a female around you, huh?.....LOL

I am only dropping big money on Rockband and Guitar Hero because my wife plays Guitar Hero religiously. $420 might land me in divorce court, gonna have to use Gamefly till after the holidays. =(

You're right those screens aren't new, but they are damn sexy. can't wait to play this one.

PS360PCROCKS5422d ago

well... Lol I have tons of girls around, just not a wife, haha I am barely 22 and going to school so I am just having fun...I can waste alot of money because my parents love me and gave me a massive loan to buy a house, land and set up a Haunted house that I run in October...I'm going on my 3rd year now and it's close to $100,000 in revenue a year, so that pays the I am a little ashamed of being so spoiled, but I can't help it because it was always my dream to have but it's actually funny because I always throw parties and all my girl friends love GH and GOW and stuff like that, they'll sit down and play it...nothing like hot girls chainsawing people, lol

Syko5421d ago

LOL, I am 23, almost 24 with a wife and a 3 year old son. And almost broke. Where did I go wrong?

Oh, Yeah parents are broke too. Damn I hate you. At least I have enough money to play Mass Effect....

PS360PCROCKS5421d ago

lol yeah no kids for me for awhile...but in all fairness building, marketing, and designing a major sized Haunted House is ALOT of work, so while I did get help, it took me 2 years almost to get everything done, so I put in alot of hard work before I got anything back...and October is the most hectic month of my life, going to school and than running a haunted house at night for 5-10 hours is tiring...

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Dr Pepper5422d ago

I'm not sure what will make Mass Effect more of a legend in the gaming business: the fact that the graphics are some of the best we have ever seen or that the game is so massive and epic in scale. Perhaps it's the combination of both, along with the customization factor, and dialogue system...

ichimaru5422d ago

i am $60 dollars poorer after seing that. thanks alot i might need that money for something else