DMC4 Media Blowout + Famitsu Scans + New Characters + New Screens

Capcom proposes to jeux-france a new update of its official site and reveals three new characters of Devil May Cry 4. The occasion for us to discover Creed, character with démoniaque appearance, Gloria, the platinum blonde follower of air dance, and Agnus. Devil May Cry 4 is awaited in Japan on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC before the end of the year.

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Kleptic4134d ago

I tried a while ago...but I can't get excited about this game...I own and enjoyed the first one since it released...and didn't care for 2 or 3...and this doesn't appear to be doing anything drastically different to get me back into it again...

gunnerforlife4134d ago

i cant wait for this game i just hope they release it before the end of 2007

fopums4134d ago

are great, but what happened to lucia? I heard lady and trish are supposed to show up at some point or at least get mentioned.....DMC2 was a bomb but she was a decent character

and yeah cleavage

Devilbringer4134d ago

you play as Nero and Fight Dante i wounder who wins :P i hope dante

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