Check out how Virgin Gaming works with ModNation Racers

So yesterday MaxConsole exclusively revealed exactly what Virgin Gaming's new gaming venture was - an online challenge based service for 360/PS3 gamers in which they can battle it out together in online tournaments to win various prizes. Following on from their revelations yesterday, they now have the total 100% concrete proof that this is all it is - check out You can win prizes such as a trip to Las Vegas or a 40" Bravia TV by playing a ModNation Racers tournament.

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pody3063d ago

I will definitely try this. Sounds like alot of fun!

Hideo_Kojima3063d ago

I wish I had the game.
I might pick it up although the chances of me coming in the top 128 when I am sure some people have been playing this 10 hours a day everyday are slim.

PoSTedUP3063d ago

virgin gaming sounds awesome and something good for the gaming industry.

@ above, yeah it will defiantly be hard for those who are not extreme gamers, but i think it will be fun regardless, just the concept sounds awesome. i think it will defiantly change the feel of the whole game, just like playing socom apposed to playing socom with a clan, seriously.

D4RkNIKON3063d ago

Hmmm.... I prefer in game clan wars and tournaments like Killzone2 had. None of this third party website crap like MLG

Awookie3063d ago

3rd party = advertising revenue = cash prizes

pody3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Yeah, dam! I wouldn't have known if you didn't say. That sucks.

Hope something like this comes to europe and america so everybody else can try too.

mikepmcc3063d ago

"Virgin Gaming" sounds strangely fitting...

I kid though.

Aphe3063d ago

Hmm, the loading times put me off buying it. I want a game that I can jump into, not put into my diary for a meeting.

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