Analyst: 'Digital Distribution Is Future'

Following last week's DFC report that video games would suffer a sharp decline until 2015, NowGamer went straight to the source, DFC's David Cole, and asked if online distribution platforms such as Steam, GaiKai and OnLive would trigger the turnaround. His answers here.

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t8503063d ago

Completely agree.

I currently have about 80games on steam an advantage i see building up being an X console user, that my games are here to stay.

Unlike previously where every generation i had my entire library of games reset because the next console wont play my old games.. or if i switched from nintendo to sony my old games are a complete waste.

I find digital distribution awesome on the PC, I know my games are here to stay and my investment which is thousands of dollars on games wont be indirectly taken away from me. No more need to rush out to buy new games when the next console appears cause i already have soo many now.

ps3ftwin3063d ago

With 25million users on steam alone DD looks to be very viable thats for sure.

As you mentioned the biggest advantage being u dont lose all your games when a console gen ends.

Started buying games over steam about 2 years back, best decision i made.

t8503063d ago

Steam is growing fast. So is the rest of the DD network if steam is 25million today rest of the DD must be 15million atleast. Which puts overall DD at 40million atleast.

Current gen consoles will not last forever. Natal and Move are gimmicks at best.

We should be seeing next gen consoles by 2014 max. When those do come out consoles will see a restart in base. While Steam and the rest of the DD network would have grown beyond the 100million mark. Watch the fire works then.

E46M33063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )


Lol never thought of it that way. While consoles restart every gen, PC DD just keeps growing. Either way PC is my platform of choice.

chak_3063d ago

it's not futur, it's present.

But nevermind, I love analysts

baraka0073063d ago

DD wasn't something I cared about until I got steam. Steam is just great all around. I think I've bought about a dozen great games for under $15 just because of the weekend deals they have.

taktak3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Oh yea man Steam is great.

I bought following games on the deals:

GTA4 : 7usd
Tombraider: 7usd
Mass effect: 5usd
Bioshock: 5usd

many more..

Tell me where can i get those prices in retail :P..

no where and as the posters above mentioned the games are there to stay. I could come back to these games a decade later and still play them. Cant have that sort of BC with any console.

moe843063d ago

Boxed copies all the way. I hope Digital Distribution fails in the end. The sooner, the better.

champ213063d ago

Over a 100games on steam now and growing ;-)

Must have saved a small fortune buying all those on steam vs a console.