Tetsuya Nomura Making An Appearance At E3

Twitter addict Shinji Hashimoto is leaking Square Enix’s E3 plans, apparently. He just tweeted that Tetsuya Nomura, Director of the Kingdom Hearts series, is traveling to E3.

“Next week, after a long time, Director Nomura will go on a business trip to E3,” Hashimoto announced.

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stonecold13113d ago

vs 13 exclusive to the ps3

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Nitrowolf23113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Its SE and Wada in Control, man i wish when people say Exclusive they should really mean it.
Wada is the JP Bobby Kotick

EDITED: Nomura is like Hideo Kojima, he will fight to keep it exclusive

sinncross3113d ago

And Nomura is one of the last inkling of talent left in the company.
Unless Nomura wants the game multiplatform I think its best SE don't try and push the matter.

I remember reading that his team weren't exactly happy with knowing that FF13 went multiplatform, but we'll see at E3.

His appearance is definitely going to sir things up :)

catguykyou3113d ago

Will he also walk out during the MS press conf. to announce it is going multi counsel? I don't think a lot of people would like that.

Anarki3113d ago

This ismore than likely versus to 360, sadly...

krisq3113d ago

I wouldn't expect less of an announcement from SE.

Chris3993113d ago

SE are about as loyal as a call-girl.

36T3113d ago

Wouldn't it be a beautiful thing

Godmars2903113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

But if they're not going to show it, then its more likely he'll be at the 360 conference...

Lately about as smart as a first-time one too.

vhero3113d ago

Wow these 360 boys really want versus to go 360 eh??

Microsoft Xbox 3603113d ago

It's kingdom hearts 3. Bank on it.

AAACE53113d ago


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Old_Boss3113d ago

VS is my 2nd most anticepated game after the last gaurdian please show some gameplay footage for it with the world map and the airship and then i would be satesfied . yet i won't get my hype train moving yet because it might deraile by yochi wada's {westrnizaiton} plans

KiasuKiasiMan3113d ago

I foresee VS XIII for the PS3.

And also the announcement of the new KH game (not KH3) which Nomura said he would be releasing this year.

If the rumors are right its KH Another Dive for the PS3. Hopefully it'll have Xehanort or Riku as the main protagonist given the rumored info. *crosses fingers*

Meryl3113d ago

please no shoulder taps at e3, although i think we all expect it, we actually want to see a proper ff this time, heck even nomura wants to make a proper ff, but wada's greed keep's on getting in the way

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