Call of Duty: Black Ops: 'Wii Version Will Blow You Away'

Treyarch are promising to blow Wii owners away with a version of Call Of Duty: Black Ops that's similar to the 360 and PS3 versions.

Treyarch were behind the rather rough looking Modern Warfare Wii port last year but, according to the comapany's Studio Head Mark Lamia, players won't believe that Black Ops is running on Wii.

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Nitrowolf23064d ago

I like Treyarch
they care about there games more then IW did
The only reason i didn't like them that much was because of the WW2 theme that they kept going with
Good to hear that they are pushing the Wii

pimpmaster3063d ago

they care more about there games? dude call of duty 3. that was the worst piece of [email protected] game ever and it was made by them. it wasnt until IW came along with cod4 which put them on top of the shooter genre. plus if it wasnt for IW wed still all be playing WW2 shooters so stfu. you dont give any credit where its due. treyarch is the studio that just whores itself out to do spiderman games , james bond game, and w/e else activision tells them to do just to make a quick buck by making a sh1tty game as fast as they can. those are the only games i remember treyach makes, but im shure theres more.

ThaOutKast3063d ago

They had an 18 month time frame to write the story, draw the art, and develop Call of Duty 3. Plus they were working on all new technology. Besides COD3 was not a horrible game by any means just a disappointing one.

rumplstilts3064d ago

I'll probably pick this up if the online is any good.

BattleAxe3063d ago

I hope they come out with a Super Mario skin that you can use in the game.

n4f3063d ago

yeah and if u manage to jump from a building to the head of your opponent, it will unlock something special

matey3064d ago

Wow if they push the wii twice what MW wii was and use HDR/AA ect
MH3 has no jaggies why HDR/AA i play it in 480p on a high end phillips LED its a stunna it looks like a high end 360 game
No joke plus i could see this wii version looking better than some previous ps3 war games i have high hopes if they are investing heavy in it.It will look amazing and i only like IR for FPS/Controls.

Graphics3063d ago

MH3 is full of bad graphics which is why I quit playing it on day 1, I don't know what you talking about, game has pale colors and full of jaggies, i find psp version better looking since its more colorful than the wii. And I doubt this wii CoD game will look good, only good looking game on wii is Mario galaxy everything else is unplayable by my standards.

tunaks13063d ago

lol at above,
your name really describes you but it seems incomplete. It should be Graphics _ _ _ _e
MH3 looks fantastic, it has some slick animations, everything looks alive. Your just another but hurt fanboy.

Janitor3063d ago

Call of Duty: Black Ops: 'Wii Version Will Blow.......'

CR-Y-SIS3063d ago

LOL. Yep! I can't stand 480p on a HDTV screen!

Aphe3063d ago

I can't stand 720p on an HDTV! I'm used to 1080p!


SinnedNogara3063d ago

As long as they give us a Zombie mode, keep all the levels intact and give us Classic Controller support I'm good.

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The story is too old to be commented.