E3 07: Halo Wars First Look

The most important thing to note about Ensemble Studio's upcoming Halo Wars, the company's real-time strategy take on Bungie's insanely popular Halo series, is that unlike other strategy game son the Xbox 360, it isn't a mere port of an existing PC RTS. This isn't a Halo themed rendition of Ensemble's popular PC RTS series, Age of Empires, with a new control scheme. Instead, Halo Wars has been designed from the ground up around on the Xbox 360. This is the key in several areas, most important control.

Check out the 4 new screenshots below...

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Xeoset4134d ago

Another Epic looking game. It's Halo, done buy Ensemble who are closely working with Bungie on it.



Dr Pepper4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

The fact that it's being built around a console and not ported (from PC) will make it an even better experience (control wise).