Tekken 7 showing on E3?

Rumours say that on E3 we will be able to see gameplay from newest Tekken 7. Game is made especially for consoles, and won't be just conversion from arcades. It will have whole new graphic engine too.

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VsAssassin3062d ago

I think they'd be making a Soul Calibur 5 first before they make T7. It's just way too early to make another Tekken game. If it's a spin-off, like for the DS or something, and not a direct sequel, then it's a possibility.

Blackcanary3062d ago

Wasn't the last SC the last one in the series?

VsAssassin3062d ago

Well, a fighting game doesn't really need a decent story to back it up. As long as they can play with time (since SC is a very fantasy-oriented game) they can make another SC.

Quagmire3062d ago

Tekken 7: No crappy scenario mode, no annoying Nancy types, and no impossible Azazel boss. Thanks.

WLPowell3061d ago

Always bet on Kazuya. Jinpachi was a bigger pain in the ass IMO

3062d ago
PainxOfxSix3062d ago

tekken 7 wow i wonder how many tekkens there gonna make but at da same time i love tekken i hope they add sum more modes than da last 1