RPGs: Has Mass Effect 2 Ruined Them All?

While Mass Effect 2 has really resonated with gamers, it's done so at the expense of most of the RPG trappings of the original. Will this streamlined experience taint the RPG pool, forcing other developers and publishers to sacrifice a deeper experience for something that sells to a larger audience or is there still room for clunky RPGs?

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Conloles3059d ago

The day Mass Effect becomes free roam I'll classify it as a proper RPG - Elder Scrolls all the way.

Independent_Charles3059d ago

how is mass effect not free roam?
i can spend 20 hours doing side missions if i want thats without touching the main missions. it doesn't give me a path to follow, i mean what over game give you the ability to lez out with a blue space babe?

Conloles3059d ago

Its more action, your confined to the planets you travel to and some levels are pretty linear in you can only go a few places. I still love ME2 don't get me wrong but I think its more of an action TPS with great chat system rather than an RPG.

8thnightvolley3059d ago

conloles sorry but u have no idea what u are chatting about, me2 was never linear in any sense in fact its the most non-linear game in recent memory.. u can explore and go were ever u please and do what ever mission u see fit even the freaking main quest the only part that u have to go thru are 3 to 4, the rest of the game is do as u please.. so make use u look at the title of the game coz i am pretty sure its not mass effect 2 u played.

palaeomerus3059d ago

Free-roam is more about presentation and continuity between sections/levels than it is true role playing.

I think I'd like a Free Roam Mass Effect game though I'm sure you'd be using a compass and following "signals" that lead you to stuff more often than truly exploring.

Still it's something to consider for a future game. Maybe Bioware can look into using a sandbox game engine like the one in Red Faction Guerilla or Just Cause 2.

Downtown boogey3059d ago

It's a dungeon crawler RPG now.

huzzaahh3059d ago

Mass Effect was a great game. Not amazing, just great. It also wasn't really an RPG.

duplissi3059d ago


we all know that variety within a genre is bad. im sorry but i seem to like the different approach mass effect took (theyre both some of my favorite games ever)

tplarkin73059d ago

Bioware is looking at Gears, Halo and Call of Duty and making changes to Mass Effect in order to increase sales. They're trying to make FPS players happy, but keep some RPG elements. It almost works, but not quite. But, I like Mass Effect regardless.

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Jamie Foxx3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

shooter hungry 360 audience then the answer is yes.

me2 is 85% tps 15% rpg,i did enjoy the game but to me it was falsely advertised,me2 is not an rpg,but the american media wouldnt dare speak out against an american made game on an american console

k jules3059d ago

Where was Bioware located again?
Hint: check the dev diaries and hear their accents ;)

Venatus-Deus3059d ago

To be fair… isn’t Bioware an American owned company that started in American and is now based in Canada?

VileAndVicious3059d ago

Bubbles for you sir well said!!! I own ME1 and played me2 and while good games to me they arent rpg's but more like shooters.
It seems that everyday I come on this site and someone is claiming it to be the best rpg of all time. And of course thats all fine and well only...its a shooter with lite rpg elements! lol.

But to each his own I guess. Still love my Demons Souls though.

the-show-stopper3059d ago

Canada =/= USA
you could get away with saying that Bioware is North American but not American in the sense of being from the US

LostCypher113059d ago

Bioware Is a Canadian started Company, Who recently opened a US Studio.

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ShinMaster3059d ago

It's a genuine Third-person shooter (with the ability to change your dude's face and hair with branching dialog).

But Demons Souls is an excellent RPG.

morganfell3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

Absolutely right. ME was twice the RPG that the second game brought to the table. It's a TPS with RPG lite characteristics.

And Demon's Souls is a gutcheck dungeon crawler par excellence.

For me it's still about The Witcher.

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Digitaldude3059d ago

I enjoyed ME2 but to me it was a TPS with RPG elements, not the other way around.

tinybigman3059d ago

when i played it all i could think was this is not a RPG it's TPS with RPG elements. ME1 was more an rpg.

i hope with part 3 they go back to a more rpg feel.

XactGamer3059d ago

I'm finding it hard to believe the half of you even played ME2

ShinMaster3059d ago

I'm finding it hard to believe that you know what makes an RPG, lol.

Btw, no one is saying it's a bad game whatsoever.

Megaton3059d ago

I played ME2 first, and I enjoyed the crap out of it. After that, I bought ME1 and thought "where was all this RPG in ME2"? All of my friends who loved ME1 always said they were colossally disappointed with ME2, and I finally understood why after playing both.

ME2 was a TPS played through a series of hallways in comparison to ME1. You still had the choice to pick which hallway to go down first, but it hardly makes up for it. The only area it expanded in were the dialog trees. Those were a lot more limited in ME1, particularly when speaking with allies.

PirateThom3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

This, this, a thousand times this.

I love the series as it stands, but they took out a lot of my favourite elements of the first game - the planet exploration being my biggest gripe, the sense of a huge world every time you landed, the amazing landscapes and skies on alien worlds.... completely gone.

If ME2 was the only game in the series, it would be AAA regardless, but compared to ME, it's just very lacklustre. I don't see how anyone can disagree with that, unless they prefer the TPS elements over the exploration elements.

Megaton3059d ago

The lack of exploration really bothers me too. The cities were completely gutted in ME2, and even when you finally did get a vehicle for planetary exploration via DLC, they only allowed you to use it in linear maps.

jakethesnake3059d ago

Xiphos: "The lack of exploration really bothers me too. The cities were completely gutted in ME2, and even when you finally did get a vehicle for planetary exploration via DLC, they only allowed you to use it in linear maps."

I think the biggest example of this is the Citadel. In ME you could easily spend 5 hours just walking around the citadel doing mini quests, talking with people, exploring obscure corners of the place. In ME2 it was far too generic and small. For being a mega city there sure wasn't much to do there. I loved ME2, but I think the citadel epitomizes what frustrated me about the game.

Megaton3059d ago

I got lost on the Citadel in ME1. I felt trapped on the Citadel in ME2.

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Thank you, thats exactly what I thought.

As I said in another post a while back, if because you can free roam, change your characters faces that still makes ME2 an rpg, then games like Saints Row should be classed as rpg.

in fact dare I say... wait for it... GTA San-Andreas had more rpg elements to it then Mass Effect. Your skill level with driving, riding bikes using guns all leveled up the more you used them. you could customize your characters look not to mention how fat, built or thin he was depending on what you eat etc.

ME2 had what I would call a linear open world. You didn't have to do things in a set order, but each section you went to was made of little almost mini stages. Some of the planets and the Citydel were nothing more then a few rooms. There was hardly any interaction with any of the characters except for the few who had little story missions. Weather you were playing GTA or Oblivion, all the characters you could interact with to some degree.

Anyway, ME2 is still a cool game, but it's not what I had in mind. Right from when ME was announced I loved the idea and the theme, the universe and setting looked so cool, but from the first and more so the second they just didn't turn out how I thought they would.

Simon_Brezhnev3059d ago

your a %100 right about the "ME2 had what I would call a linear open world." I hated all my sidekicks except Zaeed.

Chubear3059d ago

lol, GTA has more RPG elements than ME2 cause... wait for it... it IS and RPG lol. It's crazy how some gamers don't see or know this.

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ipe3059d ago

4 Gods sake just look at shepard abilities and his budies abilities. IT can hardly be called rpg.


Independent_Charles3059d ago

i preferred mass 2 cause of its technical abilities suh as solid frame rate better shooting and graphics but it did miss that little something mass effect 1 had, i think it was the idea of meeting new species learning about differant cultures and just for me it was the 1st game were i felt i had to earn my way through the galitic rank.

kevnb3059d ago

me1 played pretty jittery, me2 had a half decent framerate (20-30 fps), on my pc both games run 80 fps and higher. I don't even have a monster rig or anything.

TheColbertinator3059d ago

Its not much of an RPG anymore with the new shooter elements.Its a great game and my personal GOTY but its not a good direction for the Mass Effect franchise

PMR_213059d ago

so "its not a good direction", yet its your GOTY?

that makes a lot of sense

Clutch043059d ago

I think what he's trying to say is that even though the game is his GotY he would've preferred it to stay in the same style. For what reason, he didn't list. I would assume he would just like more action RPG's instead of another third person shooter.