More PS3 Devs Will Choose The 360

Guerrilla Play Writes: Current research shows the Xbox 360 continues to dominate multi-platform sales (worldwide). The Xbox 360 is a money making machine which has enticed some developers who were PS3 exclusively, to go mult-platform.

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Most of the third-party devs Sony works with are multiplatform to begin with. Sucker Punch is really the only studio that doesn't do multi-platofrm work. There is Eat Sleep Play, but they have a contract for three games with Sony.

D4RkNIKON3771d ago

People seem to forget that Sony owns over 20 first party studios that will not go multiplat and that 360 is losing third party exclusive devs also.

Raz3770d ago

Also..."The Xbox 360 is a money making machine which has enticed some developers who were PS3 exclusively, to go mult-platform."

Well, you heard the admission here first: the 360 is not a game console. It's a money-making machine.

kunit22c3770d ago

this is a little bit off topic but why are some 3rd parties even 360 exclusive, if they are in it for money then they should also put their game on the PS3 so they get alot more, and if they are in it to make an awesome game then they should put it on PS3 so it could have better graphics, and more content, also just one more thing, im getting sick of all multiplats getting their standard from the 360, we all know the PS3 can do more so we are obviously getting cheated out of content. TBH i'm surprised people don't complain about this more because it is just so unfair, just let the PS3 version be better!

Rumor3770d ago

for a moment, as it starts with "guerrilla", the same as "guerilla Games". not a good start to an article dubbed "more ps3 devs will choose 360" :/

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Sony also has a deal with Q-Games for more PixelJunk series games, and they have a 3-game contract (with 1 game left to make) with ThatGameCompany.

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lol What's the Point of this article, Third Party Devs go Multiplat, it goes Both ways, don't make it sound like Sony lose Something when you know they don't cos Third Party Devs release Games on Playstation Platforms and Always remember that 20 First Party Studios make Exclusives Games For Sony

Christopher3771d ago

What a pointless article. We already know third-party developers will chose to expand their gaming market as much as possible. More 360 Devs Will Choose the PS3 as well...

eagle213771d ago

I rather see Insomniac make games next gen for Sony and Nintendo than ever on xbox. I just feel, xbox is not a good look for them at all. Maybe I'm wrong, but I have to say this. :)

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More devs are going multiplat across the board it just makes good business sense. For this let's just say both PS3 and 360 have sold 40 million units if you develop your game for both systems you have a potential for 80 million customers, and if only 5% buy your game you still sold 4 million and that's pretty good today. Limiting yourself right away with only making your game for one automatically means lower sales potential. Will there still be exclusives yes there will but I'm thinking far less.

Imperator3771d ago

Why is why SONY themselves said "Third Party Exclusives are a thing of the past..". Pointless article.

mastiffchild3770d ago

Daft article that could easily have been the other way about Bungie, no? 99% of third party developers that were once making games solely(mainly() for PS2(raher than PS3) went multi anyway! Sony have called the third party exclusive a "thing of the past" as far as they're concerned and we'll still see odd devs make occasional deals for exclusives to any of the three platforms for varying reasons anyway.

Sony are more well covered for exclusives that CAN'T be made multiplat in any case and this control allows them a little more freedom when it comes to opening up newer genres or game types. Sure, it's a little bit sad in some way as to see relationships like the Bungie/MS or Sony/Insomniac ones go to the wall but it's the nature of games today-even if I doubt that either Bungie's next or Insomniacs next multiplat games will sell half of their copies on their "new" platform in any case as their fans happen to still, largely, be on the other one.

For instance, though we know it can't happen with Sony and MNS owninbg the IP do we really think even known series like Raqatchet or even Halo would sell as they do on their existing platforms if released on the opposing ones? Of course not! We've seen, at least since the sales of each platform(consoles sold) became comparable that those series wth a Sony heavy heritage(like Resi, SF or TR) still sell better on PS3 and it's the same with series of a more MS bent selling best on 360. Yeah, Bungie and Insomniac will both make more cash(potentially though whether Bungie can ever repeat Halo monies is a very tough ask!)but EA's insistence that Insomniac will "double" their income is spurious-at least for now. It takes no notice of the fact Insomniac(and Bngie or whoever in a similar position) will have to sort out their middleware for the new platform(to them) and hire staff who know how to make said hardware sing which all costs money you have to take off the bottom line. All this, along with most fans of the devs being on the original platforms says to me that it's going to be a decent while before their margins increase to the tune EA are telling us to expect.

And lest we forget this is from EA who reckon they make more money from PS3 sales anyway! I'm not disputing their findings but surely if the first one is true(about EA's PS3 takings) then they're being wildly optimistic, no, about Insomniac's chances of immediately doubling sales and income.
Personally, I'd expected Insomniac to do this in time for the next generation when they could start without a disadvantage compared to the majority of devs used to 360 development as then they'd have less ground to make up and more time to do it but if EA were saying they'd help more if they jumped now who can blame them? Whatever, it just amses me that EA like to simplify things so much even when it makes a slight nonsense of what they already said.

Good luck to both Bungie and Insomniac on their future games wherever they may turn up but I still think this article is a little silly and pointless when it could so easily be said about any former exclusive making dev going in whatever multiplat direction.

BkaY3770d ago

3rd party developers cant ignore millions of gamers on either side...
apart for some special arrangements..

..... and rest you all know..


ScoobyDrew3770d ago


this article is TOTAL flame bait

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Boy, this one got approved quickly, didn't it?

On Topic: I think Sony realizes the reality of what 3rd party "exclusives" will look like in the future (non-existent) and therefore rely on what they've always put their money on, which is buying 1st party studios for exclusive titles. They are always gonna stay exclusive. 3rd party? That's always fluctuating.

After all, the fact that more third party devs are going to multiple platforms haven't slowed the sales of the PS3. If that continues, they'll find it more logical to continue banking on 1st parties, giving more exclusives as their install base grows above the 360 and starts looking more appealing to 3rd parties, which might go back to their platform because of it, equaling a win/win.

What I'm upset about is how Microsoft - of all the things they should have learned from Sony - never picked up the 1st party support. Honestly? After 30+ years that this industry's been alive, the only company to ever sell over 100 million units (home consoles) has been Sony... and they did it twice. The least you can do is study up on what caused the success.

I guess all I'm trying to say is that Microsoft shouldn't be relying on 3rd party support forever.

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The PS1 and PS2 were the defacto standard for developers. Sony got used to DMC, MGS, FF, etc as exclusive. Sony fans thought that those were "Sony games" until MS came into the fold and competed on the same level.

zag3771d ago

MS don't want to directly bear the costs of making games, they aren't a content provider like sony.

Also MS buys out companies only for the start then hopes game companies will support the system, then after the 2nd or 3rd year dumps all the companies in the bin, not release them but actually shuts them down so they can't keep going.

Last year MS shut down their flight Sim dev completely as well as all bar 1 360 dev they owned. I wouldn't rely on MS ever actually owning any game dev companies what so ever.

Why do you think bungie had a hard time trying to get out of MS because they probably were going to get shuttered as well but just managed to get out of it in time.

MS is a OS dev and they should just stick to OS deving and leave the console market they are fucking it up big time.

ChozenWoan3770d ago

MS has closed or released more studios this gen then what they currently own. If MS had used their money to support their own studios instead of paying for multiplatform games (which ends up subsidizing PS3 games), then they would actually have a good game lineup year after year beyond just Haloz.

Sheikh Yerbouti3770d ago

I'm waiting for Microsoft to go on a tear and buy up a crapload of devs. It has to happen for them to be competitive.

Maybe not this gen, but before next gen.

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Faztkiller3771d ago

3rd party exclusives are a thing of the past. There will be games here and there If there funded by Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft or It's a small publisher