Images and in-game video of Ace Combat VI

Namco sent Gamersyde some images and an in-game video of Ace Combat VI, a game you have certainly already played a perhaps appreciated thanks to the very good E3 demo.

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the greatest5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

this game has nothing on warhawk
there comparing the game play is boring
hahahahah u might play that 4 a week and thats it
haha suckers

360Jamaican40GigFL5425d ago

u dumb Fvck who was comparing this to warhawk

ichimaru5425d ago

this game owns warhawk in the graphics departmanet. these are just the screens and i can comfirm that warhawk is getting raped. how much does sony pay you to spam thee sites? i need a summerjob, can i become a sonyfangirl?

timmyp535425d ago

no comparison is neccessary becuz this game is goin multiplatform. Warhawk isnt the greatest in the graphics department but we all know that.. its being made solely for multiplayer.. the focus is fun.