Super Mario Galaxy 2 : The Best Game Ever?

If you consider yourself a gamer, you’ll have most likely heard some Super Mario Galaxy 2 praise over the last few days. Recent sequels by Nintendo such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Legend of Zelda : Spirit Tracks have been labelled as “lazy” and “uninspired” by critics, which naturally made me sceptical about Super Mario Galaxy 2’s reception. Back in 2007, the original Super Mario Galaxy received an incredible amount of love and companion, and quite rightly so; Super Mario Galaxy was a phenomenal game that was so imaginative, so brilliant, it couldn’t help but be adored by the fans. However, just as EDGE gave it a [10], I knew they’d be no need for concern and by the looks of these reviews, it may just be the best game ever created:

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danthegardner3115d ago

But I really need to play this game. All of these perfect scores don't come from nowhere.

Crusade3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

They do.

Conloles3115d ago

I can't really see how this is the best game ever, sure it may still be super fun but it lacks originality. How can a game with the same storyline get 10's each generation for the same story.

Microsoft Xbox 3603115d ago

Mario always get the less critical pass when it comes to reviews. I'm not saying it's a bad game but I do feel the reviewers are too easy on this game. Best game ever is an exaggeration.

Lich1203115d ago

Hmmm, because it's a game, not a piece of literature. From what I've seen it looks like a ton of fun, and luckily for us as gamers, thats what counts.

schlanz3114d ago

The originality is all in the level design which is absolutely second to none. There are few games that can boast that. It's amazing when a direct sequel can feel fresh the entire way through thanks to the imaginative, diverse, and clever level design.

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-Alpha3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

I would love to try this game and the rest of the Wii's seemingly under-the-radar library of games. I simply cannot afford it.

Posing game X and making it into a question such as "Is X the best Ever" I find is very predictable journalism. I am sure some people think it's the best game ever and to them I say all the more power. I am sure SMG2, like many of Nintendo's homemade exclusives have an intrinsic quality in them.


I find that with the 360 I am far too over-whelmed. I Want to enjoy the 360 exclusives but I have a great back-catalog of PS3 games I STILL need to catch up with. I can't afford being a multiplatform gamer but there is always that one game that makes you want to buy the whole system. It's a money matter and it sucks for me. SMG2 may be the best game ever, but I will never find out for myself.

Rainstorm813115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Mario 64's Sunshine Galaxy 2 (joking) does look good & im a die hard Zelda fan, but as an overall console the Wii lacks in quality titles and thats a fact that is severely overlooked.

Unless you only enjoy playing games mainly with the big three (Link, Mario,& Samus) I think Xbox360's lineup has far more depth in comparison.

Im Eager to play SMG2 but will I buy a Wii to do it? Doubtful..

SMG2 a good game clearly isnt the best game ever or this gen.........period IMHO

Aww.....u edited now my post makes me look like an ass

RockmanII73115d ago

I doubt SMG2 is the best game this year when you got ME2, GoW3, RDR, BC2, and more (and I didn't even get to the holiday releases). It looks like a fine game, but there is no way it deserves the amount of praise it's getting.

Imperator3115d ago

It's a really good game, but I personally feel that reviewers are over-exaggerating. It's great, but in no way is it a 10/10.

I'd give it a 9.0-9.5, not a 10.

UnSelf3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

i thought i was the only one.

having not even played the game, its quite appropiate to know that this game isnt a 10. til this day MGS4 is the game that comes closest to a true 10.

the only other true 10's i can say in gaming history are:

Super Mario World, LOZ:OOT and GTA:SA

however we ALL have our personal 10's, mine being MVC2, DMC3 and prolly Crackdown1

Invader_Quirk3115d ago

Now, is 9.5 so much worse than a 10 that it's "in no way" worth 10? Wouldn't that imply it didn't even come close? A difference of .5 doesn't seem big enough to justify that claim. People grade on different scales. People who liked it just as much as you did but don't believe in a perfect game could easily give it the ten.

That last paragraph can be read as pretty snide, but I don't mean it that way. I've just seen a lot of people saying how it definitely doesn't deserve a ten, but then they give it a 9.5 and say they absolutely love it. It seems a little unreasonable to me to have a problem with it getting tens when you almost gave it one yourself.

NeoBasch3114d ago

Well, it's the same argument some critics used against Uncharted 2. Can you blame them for fighting back?

HolyOrangeCows3115d ago

"Is _______ the best game ever?" articles recently.

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rezzah3115d ago

Its Mario, what other reason do you need to get a good score?

Personally, 2D Mario games are better than any 3D Mario game.

TheStorm3115d ago

I'm lucky enough to own all three consoles. Though I have been disappointed with Nintendo and some of their choices with the Wii and the tech. Their first party games always remind me why I always by a Nintendo console. Mario/Metroid/Zelda ect.

SMG2 is amazing, after SMG1 and New Super Mario Wii it just shows that Mario and his mechanics never gets old. After playing Gears/Mass Effect/God of War ect its so fun to go back and play a light hearted game, that is all about fun on every level. It always is welcome to have a bright colorful world after playing drab more realistic games. As long as they keep making games like this I will continue to buy their consoles regardless how I feel about their tech focus now.

Kos-Mos3115d ago

I`ll tell you one thing:

After playing Mario it`s so fun to go back and play light-hearted games like gow/me/gears.

mal_tez923114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Twilight princess and Mario Kart Wii are 2 good examples. They bth feel exactly like games we've played a long time ago, just with updated graphics (which still look bad compared to games on other consoles)

I got bored of both of them fairly quickly as they felt like games from 10 years ago. The worst thing is how there is no voice acting in Zelda.

SMG 1 didn't impress me either, but SMG 2 does look good. I'll probably get it soon

gamelova3114d ago

What is up with all the fanboys on this site. I am just as much a PS3 fanboy as all of you, but I am definitely not biased. SMG2 is so polished and perfect, no other game this generation comes close. I love Uncharted 2 and all and it is a great game, but while Uncharted is amazing, how can it compare to the unmatched diversity, sharp control, awesome challenge, beautiful artistic design, incredible music, and overall incredible spherical based platforming of SMG2. Give me on GOOD reason why Uncharted 2 is better. Story is not a reason. Videogames aren't about the story when it is not the main focus. Nobody cares about a story about an Italian plumber stuck in a world with mushroom people and uses sewer pipes to move around the kingdom, a kingdom that's constantly being threatened by a giant turtle. Demon's Souls didn't have a story either, but people here, including myself, love the game due to its incredible challenge and depth, Not the story. On a pure gameplay level, SMG2 is unmatched this generation.

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Rucury3115d ago

It's fantastic. Not the BEST GAME EVER in my opinion, but still, really high up there.

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frostyhat1233115d ago

But it is the best game this generation.

YoungKiller253115d ago

I think the most well made game was MGS4 and my personal favorite game was KillZone 2

JANF3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Killzone 2?

uhhh? MGS4 I'll agree, but K2 I don't know the game is pretty but that's it.

@ Below

No, I was making a personal opinion on his personal opinion. Is what everybody does in here, post personal opinions.

Whoooop3115d ago

The words "PERSONAL FAVORITE" went right over your head didn't they??

mal_tez923114d ago

KZ2 is definitely my favourite shooter, with the best shooting mechanics ever; but Uncharted: Drake's Fortune has entertained me more than any other game this gen

knifefight3115d ago

For some people, yes, it will be the best game ever.

For other people, no, it will not be the best game ever.

My prediction is solid.

frostyhat1233115d ago

but not ever because some of the levels are identical to the first one.