Nintendo Wii On Sale For $149.99

Ironstar: "Thats right folks; you can grab a Nintendo Wii at the discounted price of $149.99."

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Shnazzyone3152d ago

Now all the people who claimed they weren't rebuying a wii until it was 150 can get back into the world of wii. We got so many good games, come on over to our side.

Brasi823152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

I have to agree 100%. A lot of people don't know what they are missing. I feel envious, however, of those who have yet to own a Wii and play its games. Just imagine, you go out and buy the Wii. You pick up Zelda:Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Punch-Out!!, Madworld, Super Smash Bros Brawl, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Little Kings Story, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Monster Hunter Tri, No More Heroes, No More Heroes 2....

Oop, I think I just wet myself thinking about it.

kindi_boy3152d ago

Played all of them on my PC rented from gamefly. Check dolphin emulator, oh forgot to say on 1080p.

champ213152d ago

Rather Play Wii games on My PC ;-)

No point having additional hardware taking up space then not even doing HD lol

Imperator3152d ago

Yep, for 150 bucks, it's a really good buy. As much as certain people may hate to admit, the Wii does have some great games. Sure, they're not graphical beasts or technical achievements, but they are fun and inventive. Give it a chance.

RonXD3152d ago

I gave it a chance and didn't enjoy it. So I made the switch to PS3.

I wouldn't rebuy a wii if it was $100. The games just don't interest me. I beat Galaxy 1, TP(which wasn't all that) and played Brawl competitively online and offline. Meaning I competed in tournaments for the game. But I didn't wanna be playing brawl for the rest of my life on the Wii. PS3's lineup appealed to me more and more while Wii's turned me off.

AAACE53152d ago

I had a Wii, but sold it because I didn't play it enough. I have since stuck with 360 and Ps3! They both have good games, but I always feel like there's something missing that neither MS or Sony can replace!

It's like growing up with a best friend, then hitting high school and meeting two other good friends you like to have fun with while leaving your best friend behind.

The new friends can provide some new experiences that you will like, but sometimes it's just more fun to kick it with the old friend and do some of the stuff you used to do! Nothing can replace that!

Some of you younger gamers who didn't start playing until the Ps1, Ps2 and Xbox 1 days might not understand what I mean though!

OutgoingSquall3152d ago

Im still not buying one not for me.

Shnazzyone3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

So your buying one then? Because if your not buying one not for you then you can only be buying for yourself.

morkendo3152d ago

is not a new price tag its been 149.99 awhile now before this discount advertized. here in washington it has been advertized for 149.99 for 6 months now.

na-no-nai3152d ago

wish the black wii was 159.99

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The story is too old to be commented.