A love letter to Epic - Undertow Dev Hearts UE3 Engine

Following yesterday's news that Silicon Knights has filed a lawsuit against Epic Games, developer Chair has offered a statement in support of the Unreal Engine 3. The studio has licensed the use of Epic's engine for its upcoming underwater shooter Undertow, and is apparently quite happy with the middleware.

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Lord Anubis5422d ago

someone is kissing arse.

anywho, they can't compare an XBLA game to a disc base game. If it wasn't for Epic's failed deadlines. Silicon Knights would have not ditched the engine and start work on their own engine.

ShiftyLookingCow5422d ago

Agreed. Too Human started development much earlier.

Rhezin5422d ago

Epic has really been screwin over the 360 lately, with this and now with the exclusive content that the new PC version of gears of war will have. Wtf is up with them.

i Shank u5422d ago

a little XBLA game has alot less game to run then a fullsize disc game, so the issues are diff. between the two. Has anyone mentions the WW2 game that just came out? it uses the UE3 engine, didnt have alot of Dev. time, and is utter crap. all of the big name UE3 engine games have been delayed...seems like somethings up with the engine

TnS5422d ago

I think you can't blame UE3 for the failure of Hour of Victory.