Pads & Panels: Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Impressions

Saddling up for the multiplayer of Red Dead Redemption, the biggest difference from other online experiences is the absence of a lobby. After picking “Multiplayer” from the menu, gamers are thrust into a free roam of the open game world with up to 16 other players. This is a great tool for getting players right into the action.

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rroded3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

free roam lets you take out gangs solo or in a possy lvl'ing doesnt take long you can get to 50 in less than 10h of grinding. tons of challenges ta do for titles and bragging rights n a prestige system that let you unlocks super kool mounts n legendary charterers.

im lvl 50 thinking bout going for a prestige tho i loose all my weps n mounts tho i can still play in the high level gamemodes...

MysticStrummer3062d ago

What a game. I played free roam for hours today, both solo and with a posse. Taking out gang hideouts, being declared a public enemy by the mexican government, and then being hunted by other players... not that other players won't hunt you anyway at times but killing public enemies is a specific challenge. Sometimes I just ride around and enjoy the scenery. RDR blows GTA out of the water in my world, but I'm from Texas so a good portion of the landscape looks familiar. If you like GTA or westerns you have to check this game out. It captures the flavor of the old Eastwood westerns perfectly. The music, the sounds, the scenery... all gold. I haven't finished all the existing challenges yet and I am drooling at the thought of DLC.